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Some information concerning the use of any GRAPHICS or POETRY on this site Breathaway's Bytes, with a

ŠVS Designs signature.

As I work in fun and tirelessly on many of these works I would appreciate it if you will consider my time and effort, to share with you a part of myself, and give credit where credit is due. If you like a piece of my work and would like it, go ahead please feel free to use it (graphics) you may alter them in anyway you like with your favourite program, but the original work of ŠVS Designs is mine and I share it with you the practice of snatch 'n grab.. Please discourage.

All POETRY belongs ŠVS Designs, and may be shared with others in their original format (not changed). You may copy, print for personal use only. I would love you to share these words with whoever you like, but Copyrighted Credit belongs to me ŠVS Designs, and cannot be altered in word in any way or form. Having been mum (smile), and said all of this, Please enjoy these pages and share them with others.

Please do not link to my images.

For any information concerning my works, please e-mail me (smile)


ŠVS Design

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