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New project- not completed Acrylic on canvas board

It begins...

'Gazania Flush' Acrylic - This is now finished and FOR SALE $115 SOLD - I love the rich orange'ness of this flower it makes my mouth water I was very drawn to paint it after looking through Mat's photos, I will upload the completed framed painting soon

Working from a photo by Mat Hutchinson

New Abstract displayed at Mingenew Expo 2009 FOR SALE $275 email me

Acrylic on canvas SOLD






Texture detail


Work in progress 


'Kangaroo Paw' Watercolour + Candle   - $125 SOLD

This was sold before it was hung in the gallery for the Three Springs Wildflower Show 2010

Applying the drawing then using a candle outlining some key areas and design flair, I proceeded to dabble the watery colours allowing time to dry between each application for a variety of unusual colour tones, I really enjoyed this painting))



'Everlasting Impression' Watercolour  FOR SALE $125 SOLD (This photo does not do this painting justice the border around the watercolour is made up of individual pieces to form a paper like everlasting feel as if you were peeling back the paper to reveal more beauty,  the everlastings are viewed from over the top looking down dancing and hovering over the paper - somewhat floating, love this romantic feel to it)


'Everlasting Imaginings' FOR SALE -SOLD

This Triptych (meaning 3 panels) was a pleasure to paint and will brighten any room the flowers pop and shine as you move around the room, as you can tell I love painting everlastings as we do have a lot of them growing around us here in Three Springs and the Midwest of WA Australia


Midwest Wildflower  Watercolour FOR SALE $195

I'm still trying to locate the name of this flower my girlfriend Lynda took the photograph and I loved the colours so decided to paint it and frame it a little differently, the white base strip enhances the contrast of colours on closer inspection with better light of the colours used in layerings on this watercolour painting


'Everlastings' FOR SALE $110

This gorgeous painting would suit a small room wall or hallway... mmm I might keep this one once I'm done painting my house)) unfortunately the camera is not doing much justice to any of my snaps of these paintings they are much better colour on real inspection

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