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Need Graphics Custom Images, Logos, Stationery Sketches, Paintings 



For Graphics I use and endorse Xara 

Yes I receive a commission if you purchase from this link. I have no trouble endorsing a product that does what it says it does. I really love the ease of use of this beautiful program. 

I really don't have time to go through all of the features of huge creative programs. 

I just want a program that I can open, scratch my ideas out and preserve it digitally so I can then continue with the digital design image of which I create in the same file. This is my sketch pad and workhorse of my business.


Vector imaging is the best for creating designs that need to be resized in any dimensions and keep a lossless crisp image.

It's well worth it if you love to draw, illustrate and create great graphics intuitively. It is like drawing with a pencil and paper.


I use it create custom Logos for business, artists, crafters, fundraisers, farmers, invitations custom made to suit client needs.

I use Xara to sketch embroidery/lace patterns, sketch plan idea layouts, maps, concepts for paintings, sketch journaling, planning event maps and or banners. Lately I have been creating drop capitals aka Drop Caps You know those fancy first letters at the beginning of a book or sentence? loving the creative challenge. This less is more program is exactly how I like it.

For beginners to Advanced users. click this link

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NEW! Animations made in XARA 



Dongara Workshop April 2015 Register early



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spinning, dyeing, crochet, creations of many types of crochet

painting watercolour acrylic, abstract, portraits, 

landscapes, flowers, hearts carving Talc, Recipes and the odd stirrings etc etc

...whatever else takes my fancy... come share a conversation and your crafts

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NEW! Commissioned Gift  - Thrift Shop Logo



Commissioned - Christy Blanchard OOAK Logo

OOAK Purses and Accessories

Commissioned - Countryman Ticket Design

(c)copied/downloaded ticket not valid for entry-sample only

Commissioned - Countryman Paper Ticket Design

(c)Sample Only-this ticket cannot be used in the competition-Get origninal Countryman coupons only

Commissioned - Countryman Paper Advert

Commissioned Logo-Makeup Artist


Commissioned Logo-Men's Shed

(c) Mens Shed Logo 2011

Commissioned Logo-Beauty Therapy


(C)LBarnett Beautilicious LOGO

Promotional letterheads


copyright Three Springs Primary School fete 2011

copyright Three Springs Primary School fete 2011


Save the date designer cards

(note sample information only)

(c)N Ward save the date card


Opulence in the Outback LOGO

Joint venue - Royal Flying Doctors and St Johns Ambulance will be hosting this venue in 2012




Bestry Farms New LOGO




Three Little Springs Posters and signs


Dynamec Commissioned Logo



(C)Trailer built By Dwayne Owen


Commissioned Business Cards 

- Finn's Maintenance

(c)Finn's Maintenance


Logo challenge: Lancelin Ocean Classic


Entries 1 and 2

Copyright ownership 2008       Copyright Ownership 2008



Marine Transport Commissioned Image...

  Marine Transport company hauling since 1970  

The image was placed on the side of a lady truck haulers rig 

and featured in the Trucking Life Magazine,  

Client is well pleased with the final image.

(C)Honey's Marine Transport



Three Springs Centenary postcards proposal

(C)VS Design Tech(C)VS Design Tech


Removal of sign in this truck pic 

Hebiton's Water Carting Services



Commissioned Business Card - Jenny Borger

(c)Jenny Borger



Commissioned Logo - Coorow Seeds


(C)Coorow Seeds

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