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This page is designed to help the Genealogist during the first stages of research. The page contains information on Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates, Inquests and Civil Registration. Included are Pedigree Charts, Family Record Charts, Forms to help you when looking at Shipping, Cemetery, Census, Convict, IGI, Parish Registers. The Page also contains a Perpetual Calendar to help you work out what day your ancestor was born on and a Relationship Chart to help you work out how you are related to a cousin etc.

Where To Start
Inquests In Australia
Perpetual Calender
Cemetries Around Australia
Symbols on gravestones
Old Disease Names and their Modern Definition
Genealogy Links
Birth, Death & Marriage Records
Homepage Construction
Genealogy Definitions
Genealogical Bookshop
Over 4,000 Genealogy URL's.
Genealogy Forms
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