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A Everett Family History

Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely is an inland county of Eastern England. It is bordered by eight neighbouring counties and is shaped like a small version of England and Wales. It is a rather flat and thinly wooded county, crossed by a few sluggish rivers. The county's greatest claim to fame rests in Cambridge University, in the city of Cambridgeshire.

The tribe called the 'Iceni' lived in Cambridge before the Roman occupation. The romans defeated the Iceni in the AD 60's and remained in occupation of the area until about 410. The Anglos and Saxons invaded the area after the Roman withdrawal, and most of what is now southern Cambridgeshire formed part of the Saxon Kingdom of Mercia.

The Everett story begins in Cambridgeshire, England in a small town towards the bottom of the County called Melbourn.

It is in the town of Melbourn on 22nd October 1729 that John EVERETT married Elizabeth OLIVER. Of their children, details of only two have been found. During his life John worked as a labourer.

John and Elizabeth's two known children were John and Susan. Susan married Thomas BOUTELL and as far as it is known, remained in Cambridgeshire. John married Elizabeth ROGERS in 1754 and they had five children. One of their children, John, married Sarah SEARLE in 1755 in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire and they had four known children. John and Sarah's third child John married Sarah DAY and then Ann DODKIN. John & Ann had two known children in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire. John died 18th December 1808 at Melbourn. John & Anne's second child John Dodkin EVERETT married twice. First to Isabella WAYMAN and then to Sarah ROSENDALE nee STARR.

John Dodkin EVERETT was an agricultural labourer while living in England. His religion was stated as Baptist. John & Sarah emigrated with their family as assisted immigrants aboard the 'Duke of Richmond' which sailed from London on 20th October 1852 and arrived at Portland, Victoria on 4th March 1853. Sarah gave birth to a male child on board and died shortly after of puerperal fever on 27th February 1853. After arriving in Victoria, John got a job herding for the property of Angus Cameron at Violet Creek - near Hamilton where he had been guaranteed one hundred pounds for twelve months work.

John & Sarah had eight children - John Dodkin who married Mary Jane MANNING then Mary CHALLIS, Mary who remained unmarried, William who married Emily NORTH, James who married Eliza BALL, Susan who married Henry REYNOLDS, Isaac who married Henrietta PALMER, Alfred who didn't marry and the male child who died on board the ship.

The claim to fame for the Everetts is through the marriage of John Dodkin & Mary Jane's daughter Susan, who married Charles Herbert PEEL. Their first son John Clifford PEEL in 1917, suggested to Rev. John Flynn, Superintendent of the Australian Inland Mission, that sick and injured people in the outback areas could be treated by air ambulances. This started the legendary 'flying doctors.'