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A Cornell Family History

Thomas CORNELL was baptised on 20th July 1794 at Withersfield and then introduced to the congregation on 25th September 1794. His parents were John & Elizabeth nee MYNOTT. He married Sarah KIDDY in 1819 at Withersfield. Thomas' brother John was born on 25th October 1790 at Withersfield. He married Ann MYNOTT in 1812 at Withersfield. Both Thomas and John had sons who came out to Australia.

Thomas, son of John & Ann, arrived on the ship 'Anglia' on 20th May 1852 in South Australia. They lived at Gawler and then moved to Casterton Victoria about 1868. In 1881 Thomas owned a leasehold, Allotment 106 in the Parish of Kalkee, containing 318a 3r 18p upon which 14 rents of 16 pounds had been paid. He brought from England his wife Mary Ann SAVALL and daughter Mary Anna Savall aged three years. A son James Thomas was born on board the ship. People seemed to have a problem spelling Mary's name. Perhaps her Essex accent was very strong and she was hard to understand. Various spellings of her surname were - SAVALL, SAVILLE, SAVCALL & SABLE. Mary was living at Button Green, Withersfield with her husband in 1851. Both Thomas and Mary were illiterate.

Frederick Thomas, son of Thomas & Mary, was born in Gawler South Australia in 1855 and started his working life driving bullocks for his father, which he did for two years. He then went to Victoria with his parents, who rented land at Casterton and remained with them until 1877 when he selected three hundred and thirty acres of land in the Wimmera. He also bought fifty-six acres and two hundred and forty acres and relied on farming. He generally cropped about three hundred acres but had about four hundred acres in crop in 1887. He commenced at Kalkee with two horses and a cart, but did well, although in 1887 he lost 300 pounds through fire. Frederick Thomas lived at Victoria Creek S.A. and 'Harlington' Dooen Vic. Frederick Thomas married (1) Elizabeth EVERETT (2) Emily WOODHALL.

James, also a son of Thomas & Mary came to South Australia and started work when he was old enough at bullock driving etc with his father. He remained at this in South Australia until 1866 when he went over to Victoria and continued at the same kind of work. In 1870 he selected two hundred and eleven acres of land at Casterton which he farmed for four years. He next sold out and selected at Kalkee in the Wimmera and after farming there for nine years successfully, he again sold out and bought land at Tarranginnie. James married Catherine McKINNON and had eight children.

William CORNELL, son of Thomas & Sarah, came to Australia and lived at Emu Plains NSW. He married Harriet FARRANT. Their son, Thomas, went to Emu Plains when he was two years old and lived there until 1959 when he died at the ripe old age of a hundred and one. He was then the eldest resident of Emu Plains. In his younger days, Thomas followed the call of droving but later joined the Railway Department. He was present at the arrival of the first train into Penrith and at the opening of the Victoria Bridge over the Nepean River.

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