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A selection of our parodies have been recorded for your listening pleasure!  Either click on the SoundClick logo below or any of the song titles to be transported to the site.  Then you can download the song by choosing 'lo-fi' and/or listen in an MP3 player of your choice. 

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As Weirs Go Dry  -  Uploaded in July 2007

Beware the giant sucking sound... A parody of the Rolling Stones "As Tears Go By".  Guitar by KT...

Fifty Ways To P*ss Off PETA  -  Uploaded in April 2006

PETA will be fuuuur-i-ous over our roasting of their favorite animals in this parody of Paul Simon's "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover"...

Stuck With My Own Superglue  -  Uploaded in April 2006

You may get quite 'attached' to this parody of Stealers Wheel's "Stuck In The Middle With You".

Parc An Venton  -  Uploaded in April 2006

This was Merry's entry to the Parc an Venton song parody contest (in which entrants had to write a parody using the phrase 'When the Corne is out of Parc an Venton').

The Mineral Song  -  Uploaded in April 2006

This parody of John Denver's "Annie's Song" really 'rocks'...

Choosing My Religion  -  Uploaded in April 2006

Pippin the infidel sings about his confusion...  A parody of REM's "Losing My Religion"...

Does The Lava Flow Or Secrete?  -  Uploaded in April 2006

Hear the hobbits get fired up in this parody of the Beatles' "Do You Want To Know A Secret?"...

Hens  -  Uploaded on 14 October 2004

A parody of young Michael Jackson's "Ben".  Pippin singing like one of the severely beschnitten!  Pippin realises that his ability to hit the same notes as Michael has diminished over time...  Be sure to check the lyrics as you listen!

A Little Flat Flounder, Fried  -  Uploaded on 28 August 2004

A parody of Johnny Ray's "The Little White Cloud that Cried".  Merry sings acapella about very flat food...

Led The Jack  -  Uploaded on 28 August 2004

A parody of the Everly Brothers' "Walk Right Back".  Ever played cards with someone who weren't themselves playing with a full deck...?

Turning Siamese  -  Uploaded on 3 August 2004

A parody of the Vapors' "Turning Japanese." Don't all mongrel cats aspire to something higher?  Enjoy Pippin's tongue-twisted gaff at the end of the second to last chorus...!

You're Caffeine  -  Uploaded on 3 August 2004

A parody of Ringo Starr's "You're Sixteen".  Think maybe Starbucks'll hire us?

My Menstruental Friend  -  Uploaded on 3 August 2004

A parody of Herman's Hermits' "My Sentimental Friend".  A tribute to 'George with the red hair'...

Funny Kind Of Womb  -  Uploaded on 3 August 2004

A parody of the Kinks' "Sunny Afternoon".  When the sperm hits the egg...

Predatory Man  -  Uploaded on 3 August 2004

A parody of Neil Diamond's "Solitary Man".  Pippin attempts country twang in this spoof of outdoorsmen...

Peeled At A Bris  -  Uploaded on 3 August 2004

A parody of Bobby Vinton's "Sealed with a Kiss".  Merry warbles slightly off key about the woes of the beschnitten male...

It's A Folding Chair  -  Uploaded on 1 August 2004

Featuring both hobbits on the chorus, with a backing track kindly provided by Rick D. (This one recorded kind of quiet, so turn your volume all the way up!).  A story of a man getting attacked by a folding lawn chair.  Of course, he is naked at the time!

Letter B  -  Uploaded on 1 August 2004

Also a one hobbit vocal with some very entertaining scat singing. Don't miss it!  This was probably the original working version of the song prior to the later inferior copy that was released!

Shitty Flamingos  -  Uploaded on 4 July 2004

A one hobbit vocal, sort of dubbed over the original song.  Ever meet one of those people whose yard is just TOO busy?

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