The Song Parodies of Merry & Pippin

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On this page, the Merry & Pippin parodies of Beatles' songs are listed.

Our parodies are published on a website called AmiRight.  On the AmiRight site readers can vote for parodies that they view, and leave comments as well.  It is a good way of indicating to the parody authors what others make of their efforts.  There is a link at the bottom of each of our song pages to take you to vote and/or comment on the song if you would like to.  We would appreciate your feedback!


Original Song Title

Parody Title

Idea by

Comments regarding the parody


Back In The U.S.S.R. Jack In A Slew Nurse' Verse Are Merry Jack's been a bad boy
Bugger Me Bugger Me Pippin Makes more sense if you are an Aussie...
Day Tripper Grey Stripper Pippin Some days you should just stay at home...
Dear Prudence Sheer Lewdness Pippin The AmiRight site owner issued an edict that no parodies dealing directly with sex were allowed....he didn't mention other bodily functions, however....
Do You Want To Know A Secret? Does The Lava Flow Or Secrete? Merry Mt St Helen Wheels meets Ashes To Ashes with a little of Elton's Sacrifice thrown in...
Eight Days A Week Eight Days Of Greek Merry No bail? Impale!
Eleanor Rigby Iraqi Woman Pippin A look at the plight of some Muslim women
For No One For Noah Pippin The 3rd instalment in our biblical parody series!  God leaves the bath on whilst he goes out...
Get Back L'il Mac Merry A civil war tale about General George McClellan
Girl Curl Pippin A very loose definition of 'sport'...
Girl Squirl ? (Part 2 - Pippin's Reply and Counter-Complaint) Pippin  
Helter Skelter Head For Shelter Pippin Another Iraq-inspired parody
Here Comes The Sun Here Comes The Stun Pippin This one is a pain the the backside!
I Feel Fine I Feel Blind Pippin How you gonna see me now...?
I Want To Hold Your Hand Piranha Mauled My Hand Merry This one's a stumper!
If I Fell If I Fire (At You Saddam) Pippin Duck!  Incoming!
If I Fell Michael Phelps Pippin  
If I Needed Someone If I Bleed On Someone Pippin  
I'm A Loser I'm A Boozer Pippin Both titles just about say it all...
I'm A Loser I'm A Juicer Merry Anthology of a kitchen appliance...
Lady Madonna Bambi's Departed Pippin  
Let It Be Letter B Pippin A bountiful booty of B's...
Let It Be Mammaries Pippin Follow the bouncing boobs as you sing along...
Michelle Mispell Pippin I may not spell well but I speak goodly
Nowhere Man Au Pair Man Merry  
Paperback Writer Pizza Hut Driver Pippin The guys drive like crazy!
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Rad'ioactive Clouds Been 'Cross Our Lands


In recognition of the 20th anniversary of the Ukraine's efforts to make Three Mile Island look like a Sunday picnic...
Taxman Saxon


Taxman Uncle Sam


Uncle Sam's view of the war....
The Ballad Of John And Yoko The Ballad Of Taunting Yoko Pippin  
The Long And Winding Road The Wrong, Untimely Joke Pippin A diagnosed case of "foot in mouth"...
Things We Said Today Things My Parents Say Pippin  
Ticket To Ride Pick In Her Eye Merry  
Ticket To Ride Slick On The Bligh Merry  
Ticket To Ride Tic In Her Eye Merry I can't look away!
Twist And Shout Twisted Kraut Guest Why don't we have a little Nazi Party (with apologies to Mel Brooks)
When I Get Home When I Hit Nome Pippin In celebration of the hardest race on earth - The Iditarod
While My Guitar Gently Weeps Vile! Why? Bizarre! Filled With Creeps Pippin Reality television.  My God.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps Why, My Jap Car's A Junk Heap Pippin From personal experience, having had the misfortune to own a Mitsubishi....
Yesterday On eBay Pippin Highlights the perils of buying and selling online (On E-Bay)
Yesterday Pest Array Merry "Spreading disease, with the greatest of ease, straight from rubbish tip to you..."
You Won't See Me You Won't Free Me Pippin  
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away I've Got To Try To Swim The Bay Pippin "...I once told you Ryan, if only one gets out, it's a victory..."

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