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Okay, so it's not quite the big time, but they say that everybody has to start somewhere!


Merry & Pippin's parody "That Kudzu Vine" appears in the publication at left.

How could this be so / How did this come to be?

In 2004, Merry was emailed by the author, who had been researching "Kudzu Vine" in preparation for her book "A Georgia Native Plant Guide".  The author had googled the term and had found the parody.  She thought to herself "This would be a good introduction to my Kudzu section".  So she emailed Merry requesting permission to use the parody.  It was willingly given.

In late 2005, the book appeared on the shelves.  The author kindly dispatched a copy of the book to both Merry and Pippin.  In addition to the parody appearing in the section on Kudzu Vine and Cogongrass, the author kindly credited Merry and Pippin by our parody names and our real names.


In addition, we also received a lovely comment in the book's acknowledgements section.  We are truly grateful to Tina Samuels for using the parody and hope her book takes over the best seller list in the same way that Kudzu would take you over if you fell asleep near some.

Stuff the parody, I want more information about the book!

Whaaaa?  Okay, here is a link:

Georgia Native Plant Guide


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