You Filet My Senses

"Annie's Song" - John Denver


You kill all my senses
Wife, blight to eyes, horrid
Youíve a mountainous swine-frame
Quite some bulk youíve attained
Your moustache is too present
Need some depilliary
You filet my senses
Donít wear those suspendsí

Stun nose when sniff you
Whiff of ciggies, snuff, brew too
Need some downtime in bathtub
Nip that Eau-de-Cigar
Breath could slay multi-dragons
Let me offer a Tic-Tac
Gruff bit of fluff, you
To excess, you tend

(bluesical boozeical interlude here)

Met, espoused my wife: rue, do
Yearn: bid you adieu
Nowt here to commend

You kill all my senses
Taste? Your cookingís abhorrent
Culníry mountain is moonpie
Hear you talk things inane
Takes same form, always nagging
Laced with shrill pierced emotion
You filet my senses
Some foul play impends...


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