Vile! Why? Bizarre! Filled With Creeps

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Demo)" - The Beatles


I look at yon box, see the guff there that's screening
Dancing with Stars makes me weep
Not hooked on Osbournes: rather see some beekeeping
Dynasty, Duck: helps me sleep

I, though, decry how they cajoled you
How you’ve been sold this pup
Con’spir’cy now: they’re gonna mould you
Turn on: behold: pooh!

Thy Kardash’yan girls have my stomach be turning
While M.K.R. makes me reach
Top Chef, I forsake: but as yet, world ain’t learning
Watched Jersey Shore: lost for speech

Idol and X-Factor: I’m disconcerted
Talent deserted you
I don't know how teev was subverted
No way to re-vert you...

Real Housewives just stinks, show is hardly engaging
Posers and divas, so cheap
Now I sit and steam, white of knuckle and raging
Vile! Why? Bizarre! Filled with creeps...


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