Ventura Freeway (The Inconvenient Truth that America Didn’t Tell You)

"Ventura Highway" - America


Stewing on a tank of gas
Coughing fumes of road
Tell me, how long we gonna sit here, yo?
Car-creep’ll make me now for job late – no go
Boss don't care, I know

Ventura Freeway in the smog-time
Where commute is longer
The traffic’s cloggeder than drain-slime
Valves gonna blow I know

'Cause the freeway is slowin': horns a’blare
When the day goes down spend whole night there?
Wheezing, dying, saying prayers
Angelinos wither in hot air, in hot air

Did di di di dit...etc. (sound of tappets straining)

Passin’ by a stalling car
Brakin’ till the brakes are strained
Harried by some jive nit-wit in the car-pool lane
All we need now’s an abrupt ‘event’ of rain

Should have parked and took the train

Ventura Freeway in the queue-time
Where the rubberneckers
Do gawk at wreckers; prolong line
We’re goin’ slow, I know

As a freeway, it’s blowin’- speed’s not there
Lack of pace confounds your day’s rideshare
We’d have time to start affair!
Aggravated, pissed off, show despair – I declare...

Sh*t, shi shi shi Sh*t… etc. (sound of crap-its! raining)


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