Room Full Of Noses

"Room Full Of Roses" - Mickey Gilley


It is said of noses, true
Creator’s work: he overdo...
Viewed as this room full of noses
And if I met a nose that’s slight
It wouldn’t be that Streisand sight
Don’t need a ‘zoom’ for those noses

And if that Jim Durante
Married Sarah Jess’ca Park’
You'd have Henry Winkler chosen
As ‘Best Schnoz’, he’d fit the part

And it obscures the field of view
Of Pete Townsend, and Maniloo
Imagine the rheum of those noses
I’d express alarm when they blew

An overcooked proboscis
Aniston: stands her apart
Some be wearing up-sized noses
Like the beak of Jamie Farr

Pinocchio had snout that grew
And don’t forget Miss Piggy, too
Cyrano had gloom ‘cus his nose was
Out-thrust and a harm to his woos


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