Pressed To Confess

"Dressed For Success" - Roxette


Scare scare scare...

Cried of prickin’, little ones tattle
Cried of prickin’, pinched by witch they did moan
Servant’s talk; small fry believe it
Unlucky crones ‘cus now suspicion is sown
Watch ‘em run and tell their mother - oh oh oh!
Betcha go and tell church fathers – apropos
Don’tcha know we’ll cause a pother? – Bring it on...

They’re gonna be pressed to confess
Salem’s het up on some big time sorc’ry
Town’s vexed by some hexed
Hyping it up to the gov’
Call lynch mob! yeah yeah yeah

Hope you’re afraid, and tremble and cower
We see black arts and know you’re just in disguise
Wide of the mark? Whinge to your master
We’ll have our way, you’ll sway from branches up high
Whatcha think of mass hysteria? - oh oh oh
Would ya like to have some witch cake? – Oooh I don't know!
When ya gonna take a touch test? - Let me go...

They’re gonna get pressed to confess
Heaping it up with those big rocks, baby
Confess or get pressed
Heaping it up till you’re snuffed (rock art!)

Scare scare scare...

Whatcha think of mass hysteria? – Oh oh oh oh oh
Don’tcha like our Mass. Bay area? – Think it blows
Don’tcha think you need a prayer, yeah? - Let me go...

Pressed to confess
We’re gonna assess your noblesse
We’re gonna suppress and compress
Getting it hot on the big stake maybe
Confess to ‘unblessed’
‘Scaping death cup it is rough
Oh so tough, yeah yeah yeah
String you up, yeah yeah yeah
Till you’ve snuffed, yeah yeah yeah
Your time’s up, yeah yeah yeah


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