"Joanne" - Mike Nesmith


His name was Onan
And he lived in an era kind of odd
And he reached us in some verses
From a Book that spoke a bit of his mislove

‘Cus the woman that he wed was affinitive relation
As the law of Levite decreed in-law sis-gestation
But Onan’s not the man, did the crime, that brought him undone

He was wed to the girl
Thy Tamar - belle - but On’ could not foresee
For that Judah his dad
Said ‘For brother Er that snuffed surrogate be’

Not wanting an heir to fulfil fraternal mission
Poked ‘round her desires and that slight bit of jism
He did spill on his shoes all too soon (that guy, he would be sprung)

Now his essence is gone
I am a-feared Top Guy demurred
Oh why, tiny spots, did leave behind?

His name was Onan
Once he lived, now he’s deadoed by his God
Was too much - the Lord, did torment
With one look, he’s croaked, for his neglectful love

For the woman that he plugged craved a legal procreation
But Onan did intend interrupted copulation
Poor Onan, for this man’s no desire to make her a son
Sure, Onan, his game plan’s not sublime – it made God’s blood run


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