Mon: You'll Wanna Keep This Stained Dress

"Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" - The Hollies


To her delight, she was interned
Washington, she had applied
Set herself a quest, yep, and then
Did something that Bill denied

Lewd, leggy floozy ‘neath a desk wide
In an Oval who-ya-doing?-room
Knelt about to gobble the DC man
When the chiefly standard springs to bloom

A smear of lordly size did appear as seed flies
When aperture spurting arised
She mused: “Oh Mon, you’ll wanna keep this stained dress”
Yup! Co-mmander-dude was enthralled
She judged by look he was a glad Pres
‘Cause that Mon-called woman had a ball


I’m sure she headed under table
Like to crawl, to take big crack at...
Was gnarly, yet she coped, and enabled joy
'Cause I'm telling you she knows it went ‘splat’

Yet, later on we heard denials
And rumours, well they started to run
Was rumping done on floors and tables?
Willy, heard say: “With that woman, was none”

No need DC man pumping with deft hand;
Hilary can be held off at night
‘Cus your yogurt can get smeared
On dress Monica weared
‘Cus she’s gonna be submissin’ to Executive position
But our Mon’ca’ll wanna keep that stained dress
Testify, dried extrude’s recalled...
Yeah, it’s just some proof it wasn’t bad press
Did that Mon-called woman have a ball?
In O-val?
Have a ball?
Can’t recall?
Did it scrawl?
On her shawl?


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