Merle, You’ll Be a Woman Soon

"Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon" - Neil Diamond


Merle, you'll be a woman soon...

Dove-like to touch, with fount of malaise
Guy’s kind of a girl, has tackle dismay, he
Needs box assigned

Now he’s all afired for putty with down
Gland-a-sever show when docs come around
When I’m redesigned
Won't let no dangle-ies find
Don't you know, Merle

You'll be a woman soon
Cease plumbing that stands
Merle, you'll be a woman soon
Soon you'll sit on can

Guy’s been misunderstood for all of his life
But what they're slayin', doc just cuts with his knife
"The boys and wood"

Well, vagina and mons of Venusia’s more
What I want in my pants; appendage abhor
Spear’s kaput
Babe, was no fun with a hood...
It's done to you, Merle

You'll be a woman soon
Pro-gesteron’s grand
Merle, you'll be a woman soon
Poon completes the plan

(Musical interlude: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies)

So, Merle, now you’re a woman - swoon
Creased, concave, un-manned
Merle, no need for bits fes-tooned
New un-petered plan
Womb, take seed it can’ll please a man!


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