"Sailing" - Rod Stewart


I’m impaling; My domain in Transylvain’; Dracul’ be
I’m impaling barmy cotters, to be crow food, you will be

I am plying, stakes for prying, call me Vlad if you please
I’m applying pointy high poles to be speared through, insides squeeze

Do you fear me? All those near me? Ottomans: here, do not stray
High stake flying, for not complying; thorax squished through, insides flayed

Those who jeer me, I will spear thee, skew them just right, bowels give way
Thy defying, sees pole applying – quickly leads to your dismay

Me Romanian - me impaling, moan again, turns on me
Been impaling on my orders, bad to be my enemy

For sure, I’m a torture devotee
Ignore your appeals for clemency
I’m bored – let me spear through all with glee

Whatcha think of mass hysteria? – Oh oh oh oh oh
Don’tcha like our Mass. Bay area? – Think it blows
Don’tcha think you need a prayer, yeah? - Let me go...

Pressed to confess
We’re gonna assess your noblesse
We’re gonna suppress and compress
Getting it hot on the big stake maybe
Confess to ‘unblessed’
‘Scaping death cup it is rough
Oh so tough, yeah yeah yeah
String you up, yeah yeah yeah
Till you’ve snuffed, yeah yeah yeah
Your time’s up, yeah yeah yeah


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