Gee Mose', Call For Manna

"Sweet Home Alabama" - Lynyrd Skynyrd


Prayer it up!

Lean meals cheapen journey
O Elohim has turned us thin
Leadin' throngs about the Sinai
And yes, our patience it runs thin
In the Desert of Sin, blessed?

Well a good exodus bring about Thee
But in good ol' Egypt food abounds
We'd a load on-ion, leek, cucumber
This crummy land don't have none around here and now

Gee Mose', call for manna
Yeah, comply for us, do
Gee Mose', call for manna
Lord, we're gonna moan 'bout you

We Israelites want grub abundant (food! food! food!)
Now it's a joke what He calls food
Some tawdry weeds is what - all we see?
Is your stomach growling too?
Tell the dude!

Gee Mose', call for manna
Give that guy attitude
Gee Mose', call for manna
Lord, he's grum-bl-ing to you
We all want - better manna!

(interlude of mumbling and grumbling where the Israelites all agree that this Succoth)

Ah, ah, ah - we're complainin'
Ah, ah, ah - there's no rain an'
Ah, ah, ah - where is Canaan?
Ah, ah, ah - need a shaman!

Now Pharaoh's goal was keep us workers
But plagues were shown to make a point or two
Lord directed us to march
But pickings slim in this solitude
Now how about food?

Gee Mose', call for manna
Rock do smite with some 'tude
Gee Mose', call for manna
Lord, it's glum terrain we've viewed

Gee Mose', call for manna
No wheat sown - rocky!
We've mistrustfulish mood
'Cus the covenant's new
Gee Mose', call for manna
Lord, some yummy quail too!
Yeah, yeah, Commandments'll be the answer


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