Flirty Teacher

"Dirty Creature" - Split Enz


Flirty teacher looks my way - see her bottom I begin to shake
Trouble is a hot widow; in my seat I’m a-quake
Geometry won’t prick my brain
When I see her glance I flip
I sight her lips: my head’s: Gone!

Flirty teacher - I’m half-wit. Little errors in my grades
Emptiness invades my mind when howitzers she parades
Turn a quivering dead-dumb heap: fully unteachable thing
Oh teacher please mess around
Say ya gonna mess with me

Bust and bun assail; I grow wan and pale
I’m a goner, schooling’s gone derailed alright
Flirty teacher’s got me at a disadvantage: overexcite

Scent o’ her: blood does drain, weep at my spelling mistakes
‘Drops’ her chalk, has to squat - her legs don't know when to stop
Peeking at her behind, finely fanny sits
Flirty teacher put my head exactly where I want it

My thought’s can’t curtail, she’s my holy grail
I’m a goner, pheromones assail my mind
Magic wonders waiting for me just below her surface so tight
I’d like her to shriek, that flirty teacher – give her lovely surprise

Flirty teacher - musing’s ripe, pondering her velveteen
She’d be my bookish paramour had on the Xerox machine
Her elegance packs a punch draws me out of my desk
I need a tutor, hired, to improve my dreams burlesque

Why won’t she avail? I’m a horny male
I like her to get unveiled for a little-ish affair delight
Flirty teacher’s plots me for to take advantage of her inside
I want her to say “You’ve been so naughty, there’s detention tonight”...


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