Fill the Yard with Croaking Greens

"Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - Green Day


I bought a home by pond
A homey lawn had it all newly mown
Green mat ‘neath my toes
‘Till a polywoggily spawn arose

Now turf’s a bumpy sheet
Oh they fill the yard with croaking greens
Glaring slipp’ry gleeps
When I’m at home and roam then I squash them prone

Some broken bones
And squish-ed moans
My lawn’s unmown
Not shorn, it's...

Sly tadpoles – I moan and groan as croaks benight me
Frog wallow - turf’s unholy thing of hopping
Sometimes I squish minions of them when striding
Prefer I’d walk alone...

Arr-argh, arr-argh, arr-argh, arrrr-argh
Arr-argh, arr-argh, arr-argh

My rototiller’s whine
Lets invading bumps steer for the pond
Trim my borders fine
On to hedge then swear – they’ve made it home

Need them in decline
(Damn) things jumped up, they’re everywhere in sight
Get some land-y mines
Cool! Anuran archive, from my old brownstone

Yard’s overthrown
Sounds: monotone
Soft stepping stones
Why, fawkin’…

My chateau's been overrun with frogs reside-y
Fire some lawn jarts to see those things retreating
Good times, I wish begun, want them: unwind me
'Til then I’m gonna groan

Arr-argh, arr-argh, arr-argh, arrrr-argh
Arr-argh, arr-argh

Plight, greenly sown

I want these gauls mincemeat
Yon unruly yard of croaking greens
Swear, these sh*tty sleeps
The cause: amphibians and I want them...

I’d flay those batrachians that loiter lawnly
Try bro-il! Carte-grenouille think of eating
Gold mine if French could move next door and kind be:
Grill them in sauce flambeaux!


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