Blouse Of Uprising Stun

"House Of The Rising Sun" - The Animals


There is a blouse - a view convenes:
They’re full: uprising stun
And it's seen pursuin’ by many a poor boy
And God, I know I'm one

It’s bothered horny sailors
Awed the huge Marines
It alters boss to stamm’rin’ man
Mounded, grew his jeans...

Now them conely things are double-Ds
In a shirtwaist wash has shrunk
And the only man they’d not ignite
Would be a tonsured monk

Those bubbies - swelled for children
Not for you: top full o’ fun
Fends the wise from stunnin’ mammaries
In the blouse of uprising stun

I’m likin’ bun-beauts not of flat-form
The juggernauts firm, they reign
A-growin' rack: bazoom-y dreams
Beware: fat pole attain

Well, there is a blouse so pectorine
They’re full: uprising stun
And it's seen undoin’ of many a poor boy
When but-tons go undone


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