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Who are Merry & Pippin / How did we come to be?
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2 Guys
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2 Hobbits
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Well, by now you should have worked out that these are not our real names!  Short answer is, and this will resolve at least one burning question, we are two separate people.  Merry & Pippin, for those of you unfamiliar with Middle Earth, are two hobbit characters from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

In early 2002, quite by chance, we both registered within weeks of each other as members of the Decades messageboard.  In the course of posting to those boards it became apparent that we had similar tastes in music and humor.

In March 2003, Merry suggested to Pippin that perhaps we might collaborate writing parodies.  The site that we submit the parodies to is www.amiright.com which as far as we are concerned, was then and continues to be, the benchmark for amateur song parody writing.

Why Merry & Pippin?  Simply put, we needed a stage name.  It was Merry's suggestion and in retrospect, one that has served a useful purpose.  Our identities and genders flare up as a matter of some debate from time to time.  Some of our parodies have addressed this subject, laced with a smattering of red herrings and the occasional clue...

Perhaps you could get some clues by listening to our Parody recordings !  Don't cheat though!  Vote first!

What we do

We write song parodies.  In some cases, we may have a particular passion regarding our subject matter, but most of the time that is not the case.  As stated elsewhere on this site, the definition of parody is :

A humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing.  To imitate a composition or author....

Whilst it is up to the reader to interpret what has been written, in the end, the above definition rules as far as we are concerned.  If you read something and you disagree, please re-visit the definition.  If you find that a parody doesn't agree with your values, or your viewpoint, or whatever else, please remember that we are simply two people.  We would ask not to be condemned for what you may read, after all, they are just words...



Why we do it

For fun.  For relaxation.  To de-stress.  To bring a little slice of humor to those who read them, maybe.  Because we love music.







How we do it

Easy, we press this button!  No?  Okay, firstly, we write as a team.  In all but for a few parodies, this has been the case. 

This is the method that works for us:  We have a pro-forma Word document split into 2 columns.  We insert the lyrics into the first column, highlight them and copy them into the second column, taking care to ensure that they align.  By doing so, we can compare the pacing and rhyme of our changes to the original.  When we make a change, we color the text, and this makes it easier to see where we are up to.  More importantly, what is left!




As we are geographically separated (there goes a bit more of the conjecture) this process tends to mean nothing gets done in a hurry.

If you get your lyrics from a lyrics web site, for goodness' sake, check them against the original song.  Pippin is forever getting into trouble with Merry for not having done so.  You would think after all this time, Pippin would have caught on!

How do we select a song?  We both tend to lean toward the method of looking at a song title, and seeing how we might change the words.  The rest flows from there.  Quite often a good idea comes to nothing.  For the over 400 parodies we have submitted to AmiRight at the time of writing, there are as many that have been shelved, rejected or just called plain stupid or not funny by the other author.




Some parodies never get past the title stage.  Others start as one thing but end up as another.  A good example of this is one of our more successful parodies, "It's A Folding Chair" (Sister Golden Hair - America).  It languished for a year or so under its original working title of "It's The Golden Bear", tentatively a song about golfer Jack Nicklaus.  After the title, further ideas amounted to diddly-squat!

Occasionally, we will use a current event.  But our joint method of writing usually squashes the idea due to time considerations.

The other method is that we simply like a song so much (or hate it!) that we find some way to do something with it.



About Meriadoc (some or all of this may not be entirely true...)

50-something hobbit who grew up in the snow but in later life forsook the fresh air for somewhere smoggier.  Now back in the snow, and loving it (being back, not the snow).

Employment profile has included worked graveyard shift in the most dangerous job in the world, and spent 20 years turning a profit from other people's trash. 

Hobbies include sailboarding, collecting dead people, speaking extinct languages, pets, petting cones, sport, separating M&Ms by color, studying part-time for that unfinished Arts degree, having the biggest Spork collection east of the Mississippi and picking on Pippin.

Dislikes barking dogs, reality shows, “LifeTime for Women”, people who appear on daytime court shows

Song title that most represents Merry: You Nearly Did Me In

Song lyric that most represents Merry: “And my dreams they aren’t as empty, as my conscience seems to be”

Song lyric that most represents life: "And we're all junkies and pushers, and pimps and hookers - you never know what you're in for"

Favorite saying: "Sporks be perilous-y things...."

Musical influences: Rolling Stones, Dean Martin, T Rex, Mott the Hoople, Elliott Murphy & the Partridge Family.  Meriadoc quotes Ian Hunter: "there ain't no rock and roll no more, just the music of the young"...but admits to liking Milkshake by Kelis...  Peregrin is very concerned at this nasty turn of events!

About Peregrin (again, some or all of this may not be true...)

Another 50-something hobbit who grew up in the same place where currently residing.  No snow here, but about 8 months of summer and 10 months of humidity!

Employment profile has included working for 'the country', and a long yet unrecognized career in being frustrated in everything attempted.  Almost good enough at nearly everything!  Good enough to be dangerous but not good enough to be good.  Moderate at most things attempted, shines at very few.

Hobbies include photography, collecting rare matchsticks, amateur psychology, making cats purr and beating head against a brick wall (current work allows me to indulge this hobby all day long!)

Dislikes loud and aggressive people, they are vexations to the spirit.  Ignorance, inequality, bullying, people who are immodest, and Lord Of The Rings.  Really.  Also detests barking dogs, just like Merry.

Song title that most represents Pippin: Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy)

Song lyric that most represents Pippin: "It's a big enough umbrella, but it's always me that ends up getting wet" and "If they were right, I'd agree, But it's them they know, not me"

Song lyric that most represents life: "The sword of time will pierce our skin, It doesn't hurt when it begins, But as it works its way on in, The pain grows stronger, watch it grin"

Favorite saying: "For all it's sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, the world is still a beautiful place.  Be careful, strive to be happy" and "Eschew Obfuscation"

Musical influences: Beatles, in fact anything labeled "British Invasion".  Most things 60's and 70's.  Aussie band Skyhooks.  Likes early to mid-80's.  Peregrin believes that the combined advents of grunge, rap and dance genres have irrevocably damaged popular music...


Merry and Pippin would like to thank the following people for their assistance with some of the more technical aspects that lie behind this website :

Stephan R  -  Paul R  -  Michael G  -  Karen M

Without their assistance it would look like crap......

In addition, Peregrin would like to thank the following :

My spouse, who patiently smiles at me as I blather continually about this great idea and that great idea, and for the time on the computer that I spend in pursuit of the parodies and this site.

Meriadoc, for encouraging me to try something artistic.  Me, the person who had never thought one artistic cell lay within...

All of the people who have lent their support and kind comments and encouragement, including that of our fellow parody artists, it is greatly appreciated.


April 2007 - the good name of M&P makes its debut in the previously untapped South East Asian parody market !  Thank you to M&P supporter Carolyn for lugging that piece of paper 4 kilometres straight up to the roof of Borneo for our benefit !  Or maybe, judging by the look on that guy's face, *he* had to carry it, heh heh...

August 2007 - the South Pacific hears of our charms, courtesy of M&P supporter Margaret convincing the Chief of this group of Fijian firewalkers that M&P was a children's charity!!!  Agreed, it was easier than trying to explain the concept of parodies to him...  He seems 'unconvinced', as does the guy on the right.

September 2007 - Thailand gets to experience M&P mania!  M&P supporter Sharon enlists the help of Buddha for a spot of free advertising.  In the second image, Sharon and Tristan are seen in front of a very revealing local sign!


September 2007 - M&P supporters Carolyn and Georgia fly the parody flag at the Great Wall.  The "Rabbit Fence" observations on the sign are an Aussie in-joke.  We know what it means, and that's what counts!


December 2007 - M&P embark on a quick European and U.S. tour, courtesy of M&P supporter Kirstine.  The first picture is in Salzberg, the castle that was used in "The Sound of Music".  Hereafter to be known as "The Sound of Parody".  Image 2 is Kirstine appearing to have consumed one too many Steins at the Oktoberfest in Munich!  The third image is at Pisa, the architecture speaks for itself.  The 4th picture is of the Matterhorn in Switzerland.  Is it just me or does Kirstine still have that beer hall face on? :)  The last leg of the European tour sees M&P at our audience with The Pope!  Well, outside the Vatican anyway!


On the U.S. leg of the tour, M&P saw a quick stopover in Times Square (which must have been cold, as we see the same gloves as were present at the Matterhorn!), and then onto the White House for an expected audience with G.W.B., who was very busy and sent his apologies.



Merry & Pippin have been so bold/foolish to record some parodies for future generations!  Click here to find out more:

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Please note that all parody works on this site (unless otherwise credited) are the property of Merry & Pippin. 

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