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Meanstreak Racing Team

is a self funded team in the heart of Far North Queensland; we do have a few sponsors which offer cost price materials & free labour and we thank them whole heartedly for their kindness, without their support the cost of racing would be well outside of our means.

We are based in the little town of Innisfail, which has been hit by numerous cyclones and natural disasters over the years and is approximately 652klms via road from the nearest ANDRA approved Dragstrip.

We are drag racing enthusiasts who are dedicated to helping the sport and raising the profile of motorsports in our area, we don't advocate street racing in any way shape or form.

Our philosophy is:  'Street Racing is not Drag Racing'

We frown upon people who label us as hoons, we are simply motor sports enthusiasts, just like any of the other motor sporting fraternities out there today.


Meanstreak 1,  Meanstreak 2,  Meanstreak 3 Meanstreak 4


 (Meanstreak 3) - Best Recorded Time - 12.855 @ 109.88mph -


' Meanstreak 4 '


The Idea/concept make an Australian Pinto.


My Australian interpretation of an 'American Pinto''



Meanstreak 4 - 11.962 @ 119.30- Naturally Aspirated

Take a look at meanstreak 4's

first outing


More News & Other Updates - Pending.


Breaking News:  Meanstreak 4 is now Vortech Supercharged.

Keep watching for updates.


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