Dec 26 to Jan 31, 2000


In December 1999 I purchased a plane ticket for an "Around the World' trip. With this ticket I was able to visit 4 continents and allowed to stop over in 3 cities in each continent. The main reason I purchased this ticket was to visit cities and to meet some people that I had been chatting to online.

I had never travelled out of Australia before, so it was all a big experience for me to travel on the jumbo jets, as well as it being an adventure as I was travelling alone.

I left Australia on December 26, 1999 for a 20 hour flight to London UK, getting there early morning on December 27, 1999. I was there for only 5 hours and had planned to meet Chris and Kaz (Tha Bod and Tigger) but they had been sick with the flu, so I made my way to the internet cafe in the departure lounge and emailed a few people about my safe arrival in London. I then took a 7 hour flight to the Caribbean island Barbados, where I stayed in a beachside apartment for 16 days.

I had just arrived at my apartment when I met my online best friend Keinall, from channel #jerk, where he was known as Granitor. Keinall and his friend Rohan had been waiting for me to arrive and were huddling under an umbrella in the car park as it was raining heavily. During my stay in Barbados we had lots of fun talking, swimming, watching movies and just 'hanging' with Keinall and his friends and family.

Highlight of my Barbados visit was New Years Eve (In Barbados, they call it Old Years Night). Keinall and I went to a club and celebrated seeing in the New Millenium together. He even showed me how to Bump and Grind which is a dance I had never danced before - now that was an eye opener !! *smile*

Look at my "New Year 2000" link for details of that special night.

Keinall, and Carol on Dec 31, 1999
"Old Years Night"


As it was the final sunset for 1999 I decided to sit at Dover Beach and take in the last sunset. It was a lovely evening and I had a pleasant time talking with locals and visitors who had also gone to the beach to check out the final sunset for 1999.




Photo taken by myself as I watched the last sunset at Dover Beach, Barbados, West Indies.


Year 2000

A daylight picture of Dover Beach,

Barbados, West Indies.


My online friend Siobhan, from Barbados, (at rear) with her family and boyfriend Luke (far right)

Siobhan's mother, Natallie, took me on a tour of their part of the island, to Ragged Point and to where the rough Atlantic Ocean meets with the peaceful and calm Caribbean Sea.


After spending 16 wonderful days in Barbados, I then flew to New York City on January 16th 2000, and stayed overnight, sleeping at the airport lounge, as I had an early morning flight to catch to get to Halifax, in Nova Scotia, Canada. I woke up really early and checked into the counter at American Airlines and was told that they were expecting heavy snow, and suggested I travel on a flight to Toronto which would leave an hour earlier. I took up their offer and was relieved afterwards as the original flight I was booked on was delayed due to heavy snow, which would have meant I could have missed my connecting flight to Hallifax.

After a one hour stopover in Toronto, I flew to Halifax, in Nova Scota where I stayed with Tracy (TAJ from #Gabriel) and her roomate Kim (Shimmer). Kim was very gracious and gave up her room and bed for me to sleep in, and she bunked with Karen (Ikea) who lives in an upstairs apartment in the same building. It was at Tracy's place that I met lots of online friends from the channel #gabriel on FDFnet in IRC.


Nat, Carol, Ocean January 15, 2000

Ikea, Ava, Shimmer & TAJ ... and me
January 15, 2000

I met Blaine (Caraid), Richie, Ritu (Ritutu), Nat (Natty) and Sheri (Ocean) and of course Tigger (Tracy's cat). We had a wondferful time, talking as I stayed for 3 days.


Caraid & TAJ....January 15, 2000

Richie and Ritu....January 15, 2000



Kim and Karen January 15, 2000

Blaine partying hard....January 15, 2000


After Halifax, I flew back to Toronto, where I was picked up at the airport by my good friends Bonbon and Randy (see picture below). We drove to Randy's apartment in London, Ontario which is about an hour's drive from Toronto, then another hours drive to Sarnia, on the Canada/Michigan border where Bonbon lives. I stayed with Bon for a week, having a great time freezing in the snow *smile*

Carol, Randy & Bonnie January 16,2000

Michigan/Canada Border
Ice floating on the Lake....January 19, 2000


Brushing/scraping snow/ice off Bonnie's van


CJ is Bonnie's youngest son who I found was a real young gentleman, and was very cheerful and I loved talking with him.

He would be the man around the house, and shovel the snow off the driveway, and footpath for his mother.

Hi there Christopher!!! Look after your mother, she is a treasure.!


After spending time with Bonbon, I then caught a bus and went back to Toronto and met "Chemical"  who I had spoken to online in #Gabriel channel.  I was staying at the Hospitality Inn and he came around and we talked for hours and watched music videos on TV, including the Jennifer Lopez song that I hadnt seen before, called, "Waiting for tonight".

When it was time to go out for a meal, the car was frozen over and he had forgotten his gloves and the steering wheel was too cold for him to hold, so I lent him my gloves. Can you imagine my small handed gloves on a man?  hehe.. it was funny. We had lots of fun as we froze in the snow trying to get to see the CN Tower, and as we walked to Hard Rock Cafe for a meal.

The next day I flew from Toronto to Dallas, however the plane had some switch light problems on take off from Toronto, and we were delayed an hour. I arrived in Dallas just in time to catch my flight to Los Angeles which was my next stopover, for 3 days.

I met with Batoure (Jim) who flew in from San Jose for the weekend to meet up with me. Jim had organised a hire car and we decided to drive North West going along the smaller roads until we came to Santa Monica where we stayed at the Sheraton Hotel. We walked along the boardwalk and to the pier that night and it was a relaxing first night in Los Angeles. Jim and I visited Hollywood on our second day, taking a tour of famous houses in Beverly Hills. We also had the opportunity of seeing 100s of limosines as they were lined up for Hollywood's Golden Globe Awards being held that same night. On our third day we spent hours in Disneyland and had fun on lots of rides.

My time in Los Angeles soon came to an end and Jim dropped me off at the Tom Bradley International Airport, while he took back the hire car and then caught his flight back to San Jose.

My next flight was the long return journey from Los Angeles back to Australia (16 hour flight) where I landed in Melbourne on Australia Day 2000 (January 26). I was met at the airport by Acfold (Glen) now known online as enigma, and I stayed with his family for 2 days. Later that day I met up with Mel and Horsey and and all four of us went to the Melbourne Aquarium which had just opened that week.

Mel, Carol, Helen and Glen


Glen at his computer

Mel at the aquariam


Mel and Carol ...January 26, 2000

Glen and Carol...January 26, 2000

(more to continue next time......)

See you on the net.. .....whenever

and.. thanks for reading about my wonderful trip :))

(but wait........

theres more !!!!

To view my story and pics of my second trip to Barbados in August 2000 please click on this link

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I also travelled in December 2000 to January 2001 but Ive been too lazy to make a site :)


Travelled to New Zealand November 2003 

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I aslo travelled around the world on my 4th trip for my honeymoon in August 2004 but not made a website for that as yet :)  - been too busy hehehe


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