New Year 2000

Bridgetown, Barbados

My best ever New Years Eve was celebrated on December 31, 1999. I had travelled from Australia to Barbados to visit my friend Keinall and was there for the Millenium celebrations.

The day started out quiet, it was a warm day in Bridgetown, and I stayed indoors most of the day.

At around 5.00pm I walked down to Dover Beach, which was just 200 yards from the apartment block I was staying in, specifically to watch the last sunset for 1999. There was a small group of people on the beach, some swimming, some playing ball, some relaxing. I sat there and spoke with a young couple from United Kindgom, who had arrived a few days earlier, and they were trying to catch beach crabs. It was very pleasant and relaxing, waiting for the final sunset.

In the distance, on the Caribbean Sea, was an ocean liner, obviously taking tourists and the like out on the ocean for that final glimpse of the sunset. Closer to shore was a windsurfer, enjoying the warm evening before celebrating the night.

There were rain clouds in the sky, and this made for a spectacular sunset.



I stayed at the beach until almost dark, and then walked back to my apartment and had some dinner before getting showered and dressed to celebrate the New Year (oh in Barbados they call it Old Years Nite) .

My friend Keinall had invited me to join him at "After Dark" which is a nightclub on the St Lawrence Gap night life street. St Lawrence Gap is popular with locals and tourists because of its many fine restaurants and dancing and entertainment areas. Every night something exciting happens in St Lawrence Gap, such as beach BBQs, dancing, kareoke, Calypso music to name a few.

Carol and Kei December 31, 1999


Kei arrived at my apartment , in company with one of his best friends, Rohan and friend Joy. I was dressed in a long black dress and Kei wore a black and white silk shirt and black dress trousers.

At about 10.30pm we walked about one kilometre to the nightclub "After Dark" where we were given Millenium hats on entry. The place was crowded and so I stayed close to Kei all night, for fear that I would get lost in the crowd. He kept an eye on me though, so I had no reason to fear that. as he took my hand and lead me through the crowd to the area where the live band was playing.

Dancing was an eye opener for me, as it was completely different to what I had ever seen in my whole life. The local Bajan dance consists of the woman facing the band playing and then swivelling her hips around very fast, while the guy comes up behind her swivelling his hips in conjunction with her. The local girls learn this very fast movement from a young age and are well practiced by the time they go out partying.

Kei persuaded me to dance with him, so I tried to swivel my hips the same way as the locals. After a few minutes I got the hang of it, and so we danced like that for most of the night.

We met up with another of Kei's best friends, Omar and his friend Kerron. Omar studies in New York and was happy to be back in Barbados for the New Year.

Midnight came, the band played on, and Kei, myself, Omar and Kerron all hugged each other in celebration. The crowd of about 1000 people cheered and shouted and danced as the clock struck 12. It was the best New Years for me.

We left the club around 4.00am, and walked back to my apartment. Our ears were ringing from the loud music from inside the club, but we overcame that shortly afterwards.

Kei left to go back to his house, and I awoke at 11am, showered and got dressed and went back down to Dover Beach to take a picture of the First Day for Year 2000 in Barbados.




I had arranged to meet up with my internet friends, Siobhan and Luke at the local Cheffette store (Cheffette is similar to KFC) at 12 noon. I arrived there shortly before 12 noon, and soon afterwards they came with Siobhan's mother Natalie. We chatted for about an hour getting to know each other, and Natalie invited me to her home for a Bajan dinner the following week

I walked back to my apartment, and decided to sleep for the rest of the day, catching up on sleep missed out earlier.

And that was my New Year's 2000 in Barbados.

I plan to visit Barbados again for New Year 2001, and wonder if if will be as good a day and night as I had in 2000.


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