Western Australia

The coastal city of Geraldton, Western Australia is where I lived and is situated on Champion Bay and the stretch of coastline is known as The Batavia Coast. This name is given to the coastline due to links with the Batavia shipwrecks in 1600's.

  Geraldton is a major port city, exporting a variety of local industries including mineral sands, iron ore, wheat, sheep and cattle and other agriculture industries. The major industry exported from Geraldton Port comes from the cray fishing industry with exports of Rock Lobster (crayfish) to Japan and USA.

Tourism plays a major part in Geraldton as it boasts an average of eight hours sunshine a day, all year round in a Mediterranean climate, with an average temperature of around 24C.

The magnificent beaches along the Batavia Coast provide
a variety of water based recreational and sporting activities,
such as swimming, snorkling (on reefs) surfing and windsurfing,
as well as power boats, sailing and fishing.

Facilities and services in the City of Geraldton include many restaurants, shopping centres, shopping arcades, hotels, 2 nightclubs, sevesal banks, 2 main hospitals, several doctor's surgeries, dentists, legal practices, alternative medicine, cathedrals, churches, theatre, a 4 cinema movie theatre, library, art gallery, regional museum, halls, function centres, parks, tracks (bike and walk), 24hr petrol/gas, local newspapers, local radio and TV stations, aquarena, boat ramps, tenpin bowling, airport, taxis and bus services.

Regular bus services operate within the city area. Contact Geraldton Bus Service for up to date timetable.

Westrail and Greyhound operate daily bus services to and from the capital city, Perth. Please check with the company to get an up to date timetable.

Departs Perth for Geraldton Mon - Sat 8.30am Fri 5.30pm Sun 4.30pm
Departs Geraldton for Perth Mon - Sat 8.30am Fri 5.30pm Sun 4.30pm

Departs Perth for Geraldton daily 10.30am
Departs Geraldton for Perth daily 10.45am

SkyWest Airlines (in conjunction with Ansett)
Daily flights departing from Geraldton 8.30am to Perth and returning around 6pm
For more information Ring Ansett WA

Aerial Views of Geraldton WA

Geraldton Wishing Well, at the top of Mt Misery,
one of the popular tourist scenic lookout spots
with views to the City of Geraldton, and Indian Ocean

Geraldton City Mall, formerly Marine Terrace
now a partial mall and one way street,
originally the major shopping centre of Geraldton

Geraldton Main Shopping Mall

Geraldton Back Beach, famous for summer swimming and
home of Geraldton Surf Life Saving Club

Geraldton Fishermen's Wharf. Local fishing boat owners
earn a lucrative living off the Rock Lobster (crayfish) which
is exported to Japan and USA

St Francis Xavier's Cathedral
(archictectural masterpiece)

Spots of Interest

View of the city and port from scenic lookout at Mt Scott, Geraldton
not far from where I used to live (about 50 yards away)

View of the city and port from scenic lookout at Mt Scott, Geraldton
Taken on a brighter day

View of the Batavia Coast (Champion Bay) from scenic lookout at
Mt Scott, Geraldton
not far from where I used to live (about 50 yards away)



View of KFC and beach from my former workplace
(Department of Agriculture)

Front view of KFC Geraldton, with Morten Bay Fig tree and
Merry Go Round by the Sea in foreground

View of McDonalds from Mt Scott

Map of central Geraldton






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