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I R C (Internet Relay Chat)

By using the IRC program mIRC, join the server FDFnet and you will meet some of these special friends. My online nickname is CarbonC and Channels that I used to frequent were: #cc, #Gabriel, #Jerk,  #FDFworld and #attitude.

I was an IRCoperator for an Australian server. (to join using mIRC type /server spack.fdfnet.net of /server irc.fdfnet.net). 

Visit the #Gabriel Gallery website to see pics of regular trivia players at WWW.GABZILLA.COM

Also you can find me by email cc@wn.com.au or carbonc@hotmail.com (same for msn messenger) or I am also listed on the IRC program called ICQ. My number for ICQ is 10390648 under the nick CarbonC. Alternatively I am listed in AOL Instant Messanger with the nick CarbonC AU (however AIM not usually online) and  on Yahoo Instant Messenger as carbonc_au

How I came up with the nick CarbonC

Well everyone asks why, and most people assume that I am a male and quite often make the mistake of thinking I am about 16-19. 

At first I wanted the nick chip, since my initials at the time were CC, and in Australia cc's are corn chips.. however a young 16 year old from New Jersey was using the nick chip so I was unable to use it.  Chip (Sam) and I have since become good friends online since I first complained to him that he was using my nick! ... but we laugh about it, and he is happy as it was registered to him.

So when I was looking for a new nickname, I wanted something that was close to my real name. I looked in the dictionary and Carbon was the perfect choice. (Carol Clarke was my real name in case you skipped that part) so my real initials were CC, I guessed that with a nick like CarbonC it would be appreviated to CC - and I was right.

To download Internet Relay Chat Programs, here are some address: Mirc www.mirc.com


IRC Friends from various channels


Best Friend online would have to be debbee. She was from the same city as me,  and it was debbee and her son David that introduced me to the Long Island server FEFnet (since moved to FDFnet). David helped me set up the internet programs and it was debbee that told me about ICQ. Popups are popular with debbee and she shared many a popup with me and also heaps of nice and funny wavs. Debbee now uses the nick kitten__oz and loves to play online games.


One of the first online contacts back in February 98 was 24 year old Rossu. He is a good friend from Long Island New York, and was studying medicine in Dominican Republic. He is now back in New York working as a Doctor. We had lots of fun chats and his nickname changed to Matt25. - update 30/8/03 : Havn't spoken to him since 2000 as he just disappeared off the internet.  I think this IRC chatter got lost in the real world !


In April 98, I met evilbeave, a 19 year old male from Long Island , New York, we got along wonderfully, we would chat constantly to each other online and even over the internet phone programs and sent pictures to each other of ourselves as well as shared music by way of mp3s and wavs. We used to talk about anything that came to mind and he was very happy when he met up with a special girl Clair. We had lots of laughs online..  He loves fast cars.. owns a BMW m5 .. and is soon to upgrade to a Mercedes (pic). Currently he is studying at college in Philadelphia.

- update 30/8/03 :  Still loves BMW's and bought a new one recently.  Chat every now and then on AOL Instant Messenger.

Update 28 Feb 2014 - lost contact with evilbeave.


Agent Scully- Barbara - a lovely actress from New York City. I met Barbara when she dialled my phonefree internet phone way back in April 1998 and since then we have chatted on ICQ. Barbara constantly cheers up my day by sending URLs via ICQ. She has acted in such movies as The Peacemaker, Daylight, Godzilla, Sabrina and One Fine Day (to name a few). She is a delight to talk to and I hope to visit her one day. Barbara is currently looking for a good looking cute single guy to share her days. :)

- update 30/8/03 : Disappeared offline when we lost contact in 1999


  Adin - 24 year old Canadian male from Newfoundland. He is a great pal online. He makes me laugh, always asking me for help hehehe.. just kidding. I just love stirring him up. He knows lots about programs, always searching for more in #Warez...... too bad he gets his ass banned from there all the time.. means he's gotta suck up to me, and beg me to get the list for him hehehe.

And whos tha best at connect 4?? ....ME !! Poor Adin dosn't have a chance playing connect 4 over the internet with me. One day though, I am sure he will get me when I am tired and beat me :) .. damn he tells me now that hes not banned from #warez... oh well give him a couple of days, I'm sure he will be again.

 update 30/8/03 : One day I will look at that website that makes you money too!

Update 14 March 2008 - Justin and Donna got married !! woohoo!



Chad, 25, is from Las Vegas, USA. I first met him as BigTiger in #IRCaddicts on FEFnet and also in other channels. He changed his nick to BGTiger for some reason, but I still call him BigTiger as he was one of the first people I met on the internet. He regularly visits #IRCaddicts and we have the occasional chat.

 update 30/8/03 : havnt seen him in years!


IRC Friends from channel #Gabriel

Go to this site to see more pics: WWW.GABZILLA.COM


Eric was first introduced to me around September 1998, by his roomate Quain - now known a oscy (Josh) who was a regular trivia player in #Gabriel. I can still remember when Quain was prompting me with things to say to Feyd... so that he would feel at ease in meeting new people. Well, it wasnt really necessary because we hit it off fairly good and Eric and I became good friends. We talked regularly on ICQ but then he joined the army in November 1999, and graduated in March 2000 and now is stationed in California. I keep in contact via his friend oscy, and have written to him. I would dearly love to meet Eric as he has proved to be a perfect male and a gentleman, with consideration for others before himself. :)

Eric comes from a coastal city in North Carolina, and he loves the beach and he is now married.



Sheri is a 23 year old Canadian from Nova Scotia. I first met Ocean online when I became a trivia player in the channel #Gabriel. She is very popular in the channel and we have chatted regularly.

I met Sheri when I visited Nova Scotia in January 2000, she has an extremely bubbly personality.

She sometimes comes online now.



Glen, a 25 male, hey!!! an Australian features in my list of friends ! hehe well, he is sort of Australian. Dosnt look it because his family comes from Sri Lanka - but hey.. very good looking :). I first met acfold on the #Gabriel channel, where I would compete against him with answers to trivia questions.It was no good competing with acfold, 1. because he had a better internet connection than me, and 2. because he was much smarter. hehe. Oh well it was fun trying and we began chatting.

In January 2000, I met Glen for real when I stayed with him and his parents for 2 days, in Melbourne, in Victoria (Australia). We talked for ages over lunch about lots of things that has happened to us online and in real life. He is a great conversationalist. Thanks for your great company Glen. *smiles*

Update: 14 March 2008: Glen got married January 2007 !! Congratulations.

Update 28 Feb 2014 - Glen and his wife now have a beautiful young daughter and we keep in contact via facebook.



A fun loving lady who I first met on channel #Gabriel when it was on the FEFnet server. At one stage she held the run record for the month. Im sure she was very proud of that moment as I know I was very pleased for her (nick at the time was LLynn). We email each other our best jokes of the day and she has been the supplier of many a funny joke. She has a dog and  two pet rabbits.. Check out her home page at http://anarkissed.myip.org


DonaldDuck (Duane)

Duane is a 24 year old Canadian from Nova Scotia, that loves Country Music and played mp3s to channel #cc. I first met Duane around September 1998 when he became a trivia player in the channel #Gabriel and since then we have chatted regularly. He is an avid baseball player and fan, hence his first nick Biggio7 his favourite player. He also plays ice hockey and is a member of The Volunteer Fire Department. Go One On One with him... And He'll make your candy ass famous :)

Just dont upset my friend tbelle ok?



Tracy is a Canadian from Nova Scotia. I met Tracy in channel #Gabriel around May 1999.. and we had lots of fun chats together. When I visited Halifax in January 2000, I met Tracy and her roomate Kim and I stayed with them. Kim graciously gave up her bed so that I could have it while she shared with Karen (Ikea). Tracy wasnt very well at that time, having caught the flu but we still all had lots of fun.

Tracy and Blaine have been living in Prince Edward Island for the past year while Blaine learns to cook :)


Update: 14 March 2008:  Tracy & Blaine got married and have a baby girl - congratulations



Yet another Canadian from Nova Scotia. I met Natty in the trivia channel #Gabriel around May 1998, and we have had the occasional good chat. I met Natty on my Canadian tour when he and Ocean visited TAJ and a group of about 8 of us all went out to the nightclub. Thanks Natty for that 'last dance'.

Nat sometimes comes online in #gabriel but not as often as before.


Arleus (milosh) with his ex girlfriend's son (who he adores).

Arleus is from The Bronx in New York City. I had hoped to meet him in January 2000 when I visited USA, but he was sick in hospital with the flu. Never heard from him after that.



Oscy (Josh) AKA Penguin

More to come.... . until I think of something to say about my nice friend :) ... that is when I get the time to write something :)


He is also good friends with Feyd (see above) 




A great guy, who sent me 4 cd's full of techno songs.. Thankyou!! what a wonderful man.  He was a fastest scoring trivia player in #gabriel and I think he got to 1000 points in record time.  However, he may have been beaten recently by r-bear.

I met chemical when I went to Toronto.  He towered above me, as he was 6 foot 10 inches tall and me being 5 foot 4 inches, seemed dwarfed next to him.  We had a long chat and drove into Toronto City for a quick tour.. It was quick because I was frozen, and he stole my gloves!!  But thanks for your hospitality chemical, keep in touch... 


Mrtheoden (Dave)

Dave comes from Sydney, in Australia and he is well known for his consistent biting of the fairer sex in channel. He is a friendly guy, always cheerful and fun to talk to.

He must be a good guy coz he was born in May *smile*

Woohoo, I actually met Dave at Sydney Airport in August 2000, and we had breakfast at the local Burger King.


Tha Boof



A great guy from Cn.. however you spell Connecticut.. ill write something later..as its late right now

John is a good conversationalist, and can talk the hind leg off anything!  He was very thoughtful with regards to my conversations with him, and I could confide in him knowing he would be a good  listener.  He sometimes comes into #gabriel, and we can usually pick up a on our lives and conversation like we had just spoken it yesterday.


Bear (Stewart)

Stewart lives in Perth, in Western Australia and is always friendly and cheerful channel. I got to meet Stewart at my brother's (OB) 50th birthday rock n roll dance.

I found out why his nickname is bear, as he towers over me. Stewart is a great guy and I have met him since when r-bear (Brent) visited from New Zealand and we had a #gabriel get together in Perth in April 2003. 

IRC Friends from channel #Jerk



Keinall -MSP- is 24 from Barbados, West Indies. When I first met Kei online, back in April 1999, I thought he was a much older person. He is very mature and very well conversed and since our first meeting online, we have developed a strong and mutual friendship. We chat online most days and have used the internet phone programs occasionally. Of all the people I have spoken to online, Kei was one that I wanted to meet. As part of my trip overseas in December 1999, I stayed in Barbados for 16 days, and had the pleasure of meeting Kei and his family, and the four menz (Rohan, Omar, Trevor and Kei). I went back to Barbados in August 2000 staying at Melrose apartments and in December 2000 I stayed with Kei and his family.

He is famous for his abbreviations, just chat with him one day and you will notice that he cant chat without abbreviating something. :) Kei was an IRC Operator with doot.fdf.net, one of the servers from FDFnet that no longer exist. Check out his homepage at



I stayed with Granitor (Kei)  for 4 weeks in December 2000/January 2001.  During this time, we had lots of fun going to beach, watching movies, talking, and even playing video games.  

Thanks Kei for your hospitality :)


update 30/8/03 : We dont chat online as much these days, especially since I had been in a relationship, and since he is busy studying and working full time, but Kei will always be special to me and I trust we wont lose a good friendship that spanned many years.

Take care Kei, always





Eric (21) is formerly from upper New York State, USA. but in August 2000 drove across country and is now in San Jose, California, where he works as a Systems Administrator. Eric is a great guy to talk to. Try talking to him on mediaring.. and it will be a great conversation. hehe .. thats if you could hear him..!!! he hasnt fixed his sound card yet - but still he could hear me and my Australian accent and when Vicky drove past my house, she beeped the horn of her car.. so i beep beeped to Eric over the phone.. which he thought was humourous. Show us your tongue ring Eric !!!

Eric is also an IRC operator on FDFnet.

Update: 14 March 2008:   Eric got married !! Congratulations!!
Update 28 Feb 2014 : keep in touch with Eric via Facebook and love looking at his skydiving antics/photos.



In January 2001, I met Eric for the very first time when he greeted me at the arrivals counter at San Jose Airport. It took me by surprise as I was expecting to meet him in the baggage claim area.

We met up with my friend Jim and had dinner at a mexican pizza place followed by lots of talking back at Jim's house.

I was supposed to meet up with Eric the next day before I flew back to Australia, at The International House of Pancakes, but little did I know that there were at least 3 pancake places in that area!

And, what can I say about Eric? He is one of the most nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting !



Maniac (Matt)

More to come.... just feast your eyes on his pic. until I think of something to say about my friend Matt :) ... that is when I get the time to write something :)  Matt currently lives in Calgary in Canada, and is working as a computer tech support guy for Shaw a major isp in Canada.  He is engaged to Tori, who comes online as Kosta.

Update: 14 March 2008:   Now married to Tori  and has a lovely young family



Sam is a lovely 20 year old from Florida USA. I met her in channel #Jerk on FDFnet. She is a wonderful writer and has some examples of her writing on her own webpage http://welcome.to/my_love/ I was very impressed with her poems :) There was a bit of fun in her guestbook between two of the #Jerk guys trying to outdo each other with muahahahahah's - yes Chip and Granitor.. dont do that to mine! :).

update 30/8/03 : Sam has moved from Florida to Seattle in Washington State, where she is looking for work.



Neven is a friendly young man who I first met in 1998 in #IRCaddicts and #Gabriel when he was living in Croatia and working as a network administrator for the school. A funny story happened when he was locked inside the school one night... his only communication was via the net and managed to get an online message to Debbee to contact a person in his hometown..(MightyDuck) who arranged for the doors to be unlocked. He now frequents #Jerk and #cc channels.

In May 1999 he moved to St Petersburg, in Florida USA, where he is attending college.

 update 30/8/03 :  Where are you Neven??

Update: 14 March 2008:  Still havnt heard from you Neven - Trust everything is OK


Boba_Fett (Robert)

A 19 year old from Texas USA. He has had a variety of nicks from when I first met him as Ringo-Starr, Lars_Ulrich, and SReIcHS to his current nick. A time of concern for his online friends was May 1999 when he had to undergo an operation to remove a tumour from his brain, the operation was successful and Robert is now back online talking to his friends.

update 30/8/03 : Robert comes online occasionally.. good person to talk with.



Phil, a 18 year old male. I met Phil in several channels #Willyways, #Gabriel and #Jerk. His favorite saying is "I have no legs" and he would continually say this... until one day I asked him why. Its a quote from the movie "kids" he said.. Well then.. that explains it Phil :) Phil has a tongue ring..so any of you young girls out there can check out his tongue ring pic at his homepage at :) http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Labyrinth/7537/index2.html

update 30/8/03 : he joined US army or Marines.


IRC Friends from channel #cc

  Spunk (Jim) - A 22 year old from Illinois, USA. We had some good chats and I have a whole photo collection of Spunk from when he was a baby, to 6 year old, to current day (as pictured). I looked forward to our chats each day however.. real life has taken Jim away from IRC these days. We met in Geraldine's channel called #ICEmaiden, on FEFnet about February 1998, and in January 1999 decided to form our own channel jointly. Naming the new channel was a problem, but in the end we decided on #cc. (being my initials) Lots of Spunk's friends and my friends joined #cc each day for regular chats. We sometimes chat on icq whenever he gets the time to be online :P. Visit spunk's homepage at http://members.tripod.com/~Spunk6969/spunk.htm

Update: 14 March 2008: finally got an email from spunk who said "not a whole lot going on in my life right now other than work work work drinking work work hahah"

Update 28 Feb 2014 : Jim recently got married and we keep in contact via facebook.



You can guess from his nick that Lanky (21) is a tall guy. Pete has been a good friend online.. Ive known him since about February 1998. Pete is from Lumberton in New Jersey USA. He likes to play basketball and at one stage had the ambition of playing for the NBL. He enjoys listening to MP3s whilst in channel #cc and loves to play computer games, especially since he now has a super fast computer. He calls me Godzilla and I have threatened him that one day I will visit him.. and bring my Godzilla outfit :)

update 30/8/03 : Still chats online


Update 28 Feb 2014 : Pete recently got married and we keep in contact via facebook.



I see Renee as a vibrant 21 year old from California. USA, with an excellent personality and someone who enjoys having fun. Renee and I have talked over the Qtalk internet phone on numerous occasions and besides all the name calling (for fun) when we are online in channels, she is still a good friend. I have a wav of Spunk saying "Renee you are the most beautiful woman a man could ever want - I love ya babe" True True :) Quits: Renee (don't sit and stare at my ass....)

update 30/8/03 : Baby Boy born this year.. CONGRATULATIONS RENEE!


Questiz - WOW, who next on the list of good friends but A-weird-fridge a 20 year old male from Frankfurt, in Germany. heheh ohh he made me laugh from day one. We just seemed to bond close, sharing wavs, mp3s, popups, and general chatting and joking. Later a changed in nick to}{umphrey23 .and then to Cobra23. We chatted on Qtalk (an internet phone program for ICQ) I would hear him playing his dance cd's and hear him singing along to them. Very memorable and now I have a favourite cd to play in my car whenever I am driving, and that is.."Freed From Desire", nah nah nah nah nah nah nah... nah nah nah nah nah nahhhhh..... nah nah nah nah nah nah nah... nah nah nah nah nah nahhhhh... I can still hear him singing that.. and I will never forget it.

His internet time is costly and so online time for Dominik is limited. But if I am asleep and he comes online, I ask my son to wake me. Laughing on the net is much more fun than sleeping. So I do without, just to chat to him. He sent me a letter when he was on holidays. Reading it on my front porch, I was laughing out loud. The neighbours must've thought I was crazy, but that's Dominik ... he just makes me laugh all the time.
I thank him for his assistance in helping me with my web page!

I met Dominik in 2004 when I was on honeymoon with Brent and we visited Germany.  We spent a day with Dominik and visited a historic castle not far from where he lives.

Update 28 Feb 2014 : 10 years later - hope you are going OK Dominik, we have lost contact over the years.


Bionic (Jake) - My good friend Jake was 22 years old from Mason in Michigan, USA. Formerly known as Silk and Abstract, I've talked to him mostly every day since I have been online. Firstly he spoke to Geraldine (ICEmaiden) and they developed a good friendship, then when Geraldine wasnt online as much, we began talking more and more. Our talks range from fun topics to the more serious day to day topics. I have many photos of Jake and my favourite pic is here. I didnt ger to meet Jake in January 2000 even though I was only 2 hours drive from him. It was snowing and I didnt want to risk the trip. Next time maybe.


Lily (Mary)

A vibrant young Texan, who brought a gust of fresh air into IRC. Lily (18) is well liked by many of the regulars of #cc and for a girl so young, has strong ideas about life. We all have our problems in life and Lily is one that sticks by her ideas, no matter what.

Update 30/8/03:   Where are you Mary?

Azre-el (Joe)

I first met Joe, happy 21 year old, from Ohio.. after he began talking to ICEmaiden. We would often throw joking insults at each other.. and to this day I think he still asks me.. which way does the toilet water flush. hehe Joe proved to me that the handsome long haired musician from the pics he sent previously were of him by photographing himself with the ' Hi CC !!" poster.

Joe and his mother Deb entered a competition for a trip to Australia, so lets hope they win.. and then I can meet them both in real life.

Update 30/8/03:  Joe recently went to Europe and I complained that he didn't come to Australia to meet me.!

Update 28 Feb 2014 : Joe is becoming a Vet and we keep in contact via facebook.



Masta-P (Ransom 21)

Wensum, as I call him lately, has been a regular in #cc since he first came online as The Big Vladodski.. or something like that..hehehe.. he needed serious help because he was getting kicked from channels. Some one had sent him a trojan virus that would automatically send the trojan virus onto others as they joined the channel.. when I told him about it.. he just about freaked. But anyway months down the track , he is now an experienced IRC addict, playing MP3s in the channel and also being a wiz at Trivia in #Gabriel with a run record of 51 wins in a row.. Well done Wensum!!.He is from Ohio, USA.

Update 30/8/03:  We chat sometimes on ICQ and talk about day to day things happening in our lives.. Ransom is another person I would dearly love to meet one day.  

Update: 14 March 2008:  Congratulations Ransom on your marriage


Krys (Kris)

Formerly known on irc as Oxygen. Kris is also a good friend in real life, having lived in my house for nearly a year until he moved to the capital city to look for work and because the nightlife in Perth is much better than Geraldton. Kris and I would often go out to a nightclub together and dance away the night. You can see Krys on his homepage at www.angelfire.com/hi/ACiDFiRE. Kris,  became an internet addict in February 98 and moved to Perth in Year 2000

Andrew, CJ and Kris (20) pic taken May 99



Spoon, (Dan) a 21 year old from Long Island, New York. He is the one on the right.. sheesh.. you would think he would pull a finger like that and have a different expression on his face!! But hes obviously enjoying it. Ive known Spoon since Feb. 1998. He was a regular in #ICEmaiden and now #cc and celebrates his birthday on the same day as CJ  (ICEMaiden).



Jodi  (22) is an wonderful young lady, who at her recent prom was judged "prom queen'. What a wonderful experience for her.. and congratulations to her. Jodi has been a regular irc chatter in #cc and become friends with most of the regulars. She comes from, Ohio in USA.

Update 30/8/03: Jodi has travelled to UK several times to spend time with her finance Scott.  Happy Birthday Jodi for  2nd September!

Update: 14 March 2008:  Jodi and Scott got married and live in UK - Jodi enjoys stampbooking.




Cassee (18) is from Ohio.. I talk to Cassee  in #cc and #Gabriel. She has a huge collection of Tiggers.. 



15 year old from Alaska. Doug was a regular to #cc and I have known him since I first came on IRC.. Often we had long talks, however nowadays he dosnt come online too often. He has a collection of figurines that he handpaints himself. 

Doug??? where are you? its been ages since we talked.

Update 30/8/03: Doug came online in Gabriel last month!!!  woohoo.. too bad I had to go to work and didn't get a proper chance to chat with him.. Come back Doug!!



Mel is a 21 year old from Kansas who was one of the first people that I met online. Initially I met Brat when she joined Geraldine's channel called #ICEmaiden and became friends with Geraldine and Kris. She is a vibrant young lady who is a pleasure to have in the channel.

Update 30/8/03:  Mel is now married to a guy who joined the US Navy and awaits his return from active duty.



Brandon, 18 from Mason in Michigan USA. KOSHER!!! hehehe I met Roady in #IRCAddicts firstly on FEFnet then later he became friends with ICEmaiden and frequented her channel. He is a friendly and chatty young man.. who had the famous bird pics :) yes Roady .. that -was- you!! (just kidding)


G (Geetus)

G is from United Kingdom, studying at college.



Tigger (Kaz) ( tigger.wav )

Bouncy Bouncy.. Tiggers bounce well. hehe Kaz is a lovely lady from United Kingdom. We had fun when we first talked on Qtalk together. We both couldnt stop giggling. Too bad shes married to Tha-Bod (below) hehe well.. we cant help bad luck in picking your marriage partners.. (just kidding) They make a lovely couple. :)

I was hoping to meet both Kaz and Chris when I travelled overseas to London in December 1999, but they were both sick with the flu.


Tha-Bod (Chris) ( tha-bod.wav )

Here comes Bod.. or should I say.. There goes Bod and his friends. heh.. Chris is fun to have in the channel. He is married to Tigger (above) and enjoys playing wavs and popups. He has Qtalk.. so get chatting to him.. he will hate me for it LOL. Wow.. just look at Tha-Bod on that Bike :)



Matt (19) is from South Carolina USA, and is a newcommer to #cc and also #gabriel where he plays trivia. (


Greyhawk, (Adam) hmmmm what can I say cept hes a nice looking 21 year old from Israel. He lived in Chicago for awhile and was there when I first used to chat with him. I seem to get along ok with Adam as we exchange funny emails. We have had a few Qtalk chats, usually ending with my computer freezing up and loosing connections. :)

Update: 9/01/04: Caught up with Adam on AIM and he is currently back in Chicago, but will be going back to Israel shortly.

Update: 14 March 2008:  Every now and then Adam catches up with me.  He is still currently in Israel.


Raider (Jeff)

Ive known Jeff for a long time now since he first came into channel #icemaiden. He lives in the next house to Sniper, who was good friends with the channel owner, CJ. I remember one day when Jeff and Bill chased each other over the creeks near their houses.. It was a funny time online. Jeff is a Mac user so if you ever see him online, give him your sympathy. hehe.. actually even though he uses a Mac he can still get online.. so thats the main thing I suppose :)


IRC Friends - met in Real Life



I met r-bear (Brent)  when he came to Perth from New Zealand, especially to meet me.  

Picture of  Brent and I  before we went to the Burswood Casino in Perth WA - April 2003

Picture of  Brent and I  in Melbourne before he went back to New Zealand - August 2003


I had spoken to r-bear a few times back in August 2002 whilst online in the trivia channel #gabriel but never really got to know him until February 2003 when we compared cricket scores online and got talking more and more, mostly about cricket or life in general.

We would ask Truth n Dare questions each day, but we never dared each other, and that was a good way of learning about each other. 

So, after a few months of getting to know each other Brent decided he wanted to meet me.  He had proposed online to me 3 times while he was still in New Zealand and had said that when in person, he would do it properly if we were compatible.  

He arrived in Perth on Sunday 21 April 2003 and we got along really well together, and we met up with several friends from the trivia channel #gabriel whilst in Perth. (See my EASTER page ).

Brent then proposed a 4th time when we were watching cricket at the West Australian Cricket Ground a few days after we had met, and I said "I suppose I should" and a few weeks later on May 13th, 2003 he once again proposed and slipped a ring on my finger.

Congratulations all around - our engagement 
 AND CJ's 21st Birthday party

Brent stayed with me in my Geraldton home for 4 months and went back to New Zealand on August 12th 2003 to sort stuff out back home.  We met up again when I visited New Zealand in December and he showed me and my mother around the North Island.   

I left New Zealand just before Christmas and a few weeks later Brent flew back to Australia and he reproposed to me and we set our wedding date for 7th August 2004.  We were married in Perth at the Queens Gardens and celebrated our reception on board the "MV Captain Cook" and we flew around the world on our honeymoon trip.

Our Wedding Day - Aug 7th 2004



Tim (grafix)

It was great to meet up with Tim (Grafix) in Melbourne August 2003.  I first met Tim in #gabriel trivia channel but it was on his 'round the world' tour which took in USA, Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia that I finally met him in person.

Tim was staying in a a backpackers unit just around the corner from the hotel I was in, so we (Brent and I) collected him and we headed out along the M1 Freeway to go to the famous scenic "Great Ocean Road".  This road follows the coast and has spectacular scenery with cliffs leading down to the ocean as well as white sandy beaches in part.

It was a pleasure to spend that day with you Tim.. come back again !



TLC and Clio

Petra and I have chatted online for a number of years, and we finally met when she came to London's Heathrow Airport to collect me and take me to Gatwick airport, whilst on my trip to Barbados.

Clio (Paul) is a regular to #gabriel and he had met Petra the night before and they had stayed up all night playing cards, and chatting.   Paul came to the airport to meet me and we had fun trying to get him to fall asleep during the drive from Heathrow to Gatwick airport.






I met Steve when he came to Geraldton from Darwin, to have an operation on his knee. We had arranged for him to come to my house to have a coffee.. It was an embarrassing meeting for me though because when the time came.. I didnt have any milk in the fridge and I believe I may have even run out of sugar. And as well as no milk or sugar, I didnt have any ash trays!! and Steve being a smoker resorted to using his cigarete packet for the ash tray. hehehe.. oh well.. we survived our meeting.. and chat occasionally online in channel #Jerk. The second time I met Steve was when I was working at the Geraldton Regional College of TAFE and I had a broken bone in my foot and was limping quite badly. I recognised Steve during his lunch break from a class and chatted briefly.

Talking online one day, I mentioned how I hadnt had Milo (chocolate Drink) for a long time, 10 minutes later.. theres a knock on my door.. and its Steve with a cup of milo for me *sweet* thanks Steve and Vicky for that :)

Update: 14 March 2008:  Steve and Vicki divorced and Steve remarried

Update 28 Feb 2014 : Steve is now the Manager at Geraldton's local Dome Cafe and we keep in contact via facebook.




Vicky lived in the same city as me - just a few streets away from my then house. Ive known of Vicky since February 1998 when I first came on the net and although we live so close, we had never actually met, until one day at the local McDonalds and we introduced ourselves and sat at the same table and ate our burgers. She has a bubbly personality and has two wonderful daughters, Alexa and Tamara. Since then, we have bumped into each other a few times down the street.

Update: 30/8/03: Vicky and children came to stay with me in December 2002 until March 2003 while she was looking for her own place to stay.  It was fun having her and the girls around and she comes over every few weeks to check email and have a chat.  Shes welcome anytime.

Vicky  married  Terrence on Valentines Day 14/2/04 in Geraldton.  Brent and I attended their wedding in their home garden and this was the day that Brent asked me to set our wedding date, which I set at 7th August 2004. 

2014 : Since Brent and I moved to Perth to live, Vicky often comes to stay for a week or two.

Kil, who happens to be Steve-Oz brother in law. I met Kil one day when I was visiting Debbee's house and he came over. The meeting was brief, but its good to put a face to a nick.

Gizzman, Ed - from California, came to Australia back in April 1998, and spent several days in Geraldton. He brought his pushbike on his trip, and rode to my house and met myself and my family. We talked for a couple of hours, then he rode off into the sunset on his bike. He also visited many other Geraldton IRC addicts while on his visit.

Debbee & son David, well I have mentioned Debbee and her son David at the top of this page.

^Chad^, Phill lives in Geraldton. I first knew him when I was about 19. Our work paths crossed yet we never got to know each other until I invited him around for coffee after meeting online in #IRCaddicts on FEFnet some 25 years later.

Tbelle - I met Cathy when she flew over to Australia to come to our wedding in 2004.  She sadly missed our wedding but we managed to get a couple of days before we flew out on our honeymoon, and then met up with her again in Chicago on her way back home 3 weeks later - spent hours talking about her trip then she had to get a couple of hours sleep before her flight to Flint.

Ven - I met Gai when she flew over to Perth for our wedding in 2004.  Had to keep a surprise from her as she had no idea Tbelle was flying in for the wedding as well.   Pity Gai could only be in Perth for the weekend as lots to see.  Lets hope she can make it back soon for an extended holiday.  You are welcome anytime Gai !!  Since I've moved to Queensland (2006) Ive seen a bit more of Gai whenever she comes to Mooloolaba she pops into our internet cafe.

Lexxee and Frang - Larni & Mick - what a hoot.  Met them with their 3 lovely children when I visited their town just before Christmas 2003 with my mother after we had been to New Zealand.  We lunched at the local shopping centre, took some photos and then off to the next town.  We also met them again when they came to our wedding in 2004.

Also met up with the following during our honeymoon trip.

Smokeysmum & SmokeDogg, Smokey, Filly & Spannah



Heaps of them including Adia, Amber, Angela, Antmann, aquafire, Bananaman, Batoure, BigBadBob, BigDogg, Bobbi, BonBon, Bondi, BratleyTheFireman, Buffy, Caraid, Cerebrus (lefty), Cheroke, Chip, Confursatron, Cory, Cracker, Crayz, ^Cuttie^, DaRippa, Datum, Dejavooo, Dino, Ech0, el-Loco, Edge1, Entersandman, Equalizer, Fiesty, Filly, Flex, Flyboy, Format, Freakonleash, Foxylocks, ^Gabriel^, Gabriel-Knight, Gex, Glenn, Greenee, Gumby, Gutterpunk, Hix, Ho-Bag Justin, Homey, Ikea, Jamebrown, Jarv, Jimbobwey, Jonathon, Jose, JuJuBean, Kee, Kinda, Kozmo, Lars, Leo, Lioness, Luke (BurningGhost), Macka, Mad_Dawg, Majere, ^Mamarenee, Marvin, Mase, Maximages, megabug, Megg, Mel, Metalhead, MightyDuck, Misfit, Moby, Moo-Fairy, Morpheus, MrTheoden, Nusteer, OB, Orgey Porgey, oscy, OXY999999, Passion, Pin (Fandu), Pipe, Poomooz (adam), ^R, Radon, Randy, RayGo, Redstorm, RyanGirl, Rye, saxon (lee), |SaXon|, schmeg, Shaggi, Shimmer, Sho, SilLee, Skydemon, Slewfoot, Smile14, Sniper, Socrates, Softy, Spirit, Steph-Clev. Steve1, Stun, Tanya, tbelle, T-Bird, TheJester, TLC, Tornadochaser, Toto, Tung, Twinflame, Tylox, Tywon, Uni, Vegeta, Ven, VladTepes, Waynecat, Xena, XS, Zac, `40`Theves

Nock9, X-Jester, tc, Tori, John, to name a few more. :)


.....hey and if I missed your nick out.. dont be surprised.. I typed all this up in a couple of hours..

(This page was last updated on 27 Feb 2014




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