Easter Holidays 2003

Welcome to the story of my trip to Perth during Easter holidays of 2003.

Sunday 20 April 2003

On Easter Sunday (20th April 2003) I drove from my hometown of Geraldton to the capital city of Western Australia, Perth, which is about 420km south (approx 300miles).  I left at 5.15am and arrived in Perth 4 hours later at 9.15am.

I freshened up at my mother's house in Girrawheen, then drove to the Perth Domestic Airport.  Reason for my trip to Perth today was to meet my online friend r-bear (Brent)  who is from Katikati on the North Island of New Zealand.   I had known r-bear from the FDFnet trivia channel #gabriel.   We had gotten to know each other fairly well online during our chats and even had daily webcam chats.

I got to the airport on time as Brent's flight was due in at 10.25am.  I waited at the gate eagerly looking for him, but could not see him walking toward me.  Next thing I knew, he was standing about 6 feet away from me, with a BIG smile on his face.    We immediately hugged and from then onwards was the start of a great friendship.

After collecting Brent's luggage we made our way to the car, and I drove into Perth city along Great Eastern Highway, traveling past the Burswood Resort and Casino, which Brent had said was a prominent feature on the flight into Perth.  We then drove along Riverside Drive taking in the beautiful day along the river to our left and city buildings to our right.  We parked alongside the Narrows Bridge for a short stop, then headed toward Kings Park, which is the popular tourist park overlooking Perth city where we happened to park the car next to Leith, a son of my friend Kay from Geraldton who is now living in Perth.   I couldn't believe this coincidence.  Brent and I then had lunch at Kings Park.


We had a brief walk to a park near where we were to stay, sat down and talked some more, and got to know each other a bit better.

We then checked into the Mountway Holiday Apartments, on Mount Street, near Kings Park and our One bedroom apartment overlooked the Mitchell Freeway, Narrows Bridge, Swan River and Perth City.  Million dollar views for $70.00au per night.  What a bargain!

It was a lovely apartment, close to all amenities and we could walk into the city across the Mitchell Freeway within minutes.

This was to be our home for the next week.

This picture is taken from our apartment



Later that evening we drove to the suburb of Northbridge, where I ate a Subway sandwich and Brent ordered a Kebab and we sat down and watched some cricket on TV, West Indies vs Australia in Trinidad.  Afterwards we called into an internet cafe on William Street and went online for a couple of hours, then drove back to the apartment.  

This proved to be a fun night as Brent used the nick Nobody and I used the nick Somebody.  I think to this day some people are still confused as to who we were but we both had lots of  fun, like. !won nobody  -pipezil- nobody has never won!!  hehe  and <pipezil> WooHoo!! Nobody has correctly answered the trivia question!! The answer was -> Australia <-    and <pipezil> Nobody is pretty smart and all, but 5 in a row just isn't going to happen!  

It was hilarious at the time.


Sunrise picture is taken from our apartment


Monday 21 April 2003

After catching up on some much needed sleep, I took Brent for a drive though Perth, and told him I was going to take him on a train ride as a surprise.  I drove to Queens Park railway station, and pointed to the train and said, that is where we are going.  I  parked the car in the Coronation Hotel car park, and said to Brent "lets go in here first" and we went inside where he was greeted by his online friends from #Gabriel trivia room, OB (Colin), Edge (Lance) Sammy (Sam) Toadprincess (Tanya) and Bear (Stewart).  I had secretly made arrangements with these friends to be there to meet him for 12 noon, we had arrived at 12.15pm.  We all got along great, many beers were had and the conversations ranged from #Gabriel trivia, to lag to normal life.  Those who couldn't make it that day were Cowboy-aus and Evader.

At about 3.00pm we all went to Cannington McDonalds for a feed (apart from Tanya who had to work) and we sat around for more talking before leaving at around 5.00pm when we left to take Brent to meet my mother,  my daughter Kelly and my other brother Denis. 

My wallet was stolen from my car as we were leaving my mother's house later that evening.  In the space of a few minutes, the robber snatched my wallet from my backpack which was in the trunk of my car while I went back inside to collect some other things.  $70au was stolen, but the main problem with having my wallet stolen was organising replacement credit cards, driver's licence etc.

On Tuesday we had a relaxing day, walked into the city.

Wednesday 23 April 2003

We drove to  my brother Colin's house and uploaded the digital cam pictures to his computer, then Colin, Brent and myself went to the WACA (cricket ground in Perth) for Australia A vs South Africa A game of cricket which was the last game to be played at the WACA until October.  The game was a day/nighter of 50 overs each team and it was an excellent close scoring game with Australia winning the game by 1 run.


Colin and Brent at the WACA   Brent enjoying a game of cricket at the WACA


On display in the WACA museum was the World Cup which Australia had won in South Africa just a few weeks before hand.  Brent and I had our photo taken with the World Cup.  It was fitting for us to see this magnificent trophy as that was how we originally started our online chats - talking about the World Cup cricket games.

After we saw the World Cup, we were on our way back to our seats  Brent  stopped walking, walked in front of me and then got down on his knee and proposed.  It was a pleasant surprise to our day. :)


Carol and Brent - viewing the World Cup (cricket)


Thursday 24 April 2003

It was a warm day in Perth today, 30c so Brent and I went to the beach.  This was another surprise for Brent as I took him to Swanbourne Beach (a well known nudist beach in Perth).  As we strolled along the beach, Brent wasn't sure where to look as there were all sorts of naked body types basking in the sun.  We actually kept out clothes on and while I sat in the sun, Brent had his first swim in the Indian Ocean.  He enjoyed about half an hour of body surfing and survived being dumped by the small waves.

Brent - at Swanbourne Nudist Beach, Perth WA

After the beach, we drove along the coast to Fremantle where we checked out the harbour and walked along the marina  and we had dinner.  Brent had Hot Chilli Mussells and I had Fish n Chips.

Brent with his Hot Chilli Mussels   View of the Marina and Brent


Friday 25 April 2003 - Anzac Day

We awoke at dawn.  We didn't attend the dawn Anzac Day service being held in adjacent Kings Park as we had intended but we thought about what Anzac Day meant to us.

Later in the day we drove to Cannington to meet Cowboy-Aus (Matt) at his workplace.  After the initial meeting we all drove to the Coronation Hotel where we met up with Edge (Lance) again and Avenue_64 (Kelly, my daughter).  Brent and Cowboy played a game of pool, and then they paired in a game of pool with Kelly and John (a workmate of Lance).

Edge, Cowboy Brent  and me

Brent  playing a mean game of pool

As you can see by the pictures, we all had a really good time....

Cowboy and Me


Brent  and Cowboy - hmm getting close there boys??

especially Cowboy and r-bear who really hit it off very well together. !!!!

Cowboy Kelly Brent and Edge

Brent and Carol


Cowboy-Aus and  Kelly

Kelly playing Pool

After the pub, we went back to Lance's house for a few more beers and Kelly went on to Oxy's birthday party.

Saturday 26 April 2003 

  Today was an overcast day and there was slight drizzling rain for most of the day.  

Brent and I visited my brother OB (Colin)  and uploaded a few more pictures to his computer, then chatted online for awhile.  

We then took OB to meet Cowboy-aus and had some more drinks and fun times!

Cowboy and OB

Sunday 27 April 2003

What a beautiful day it was in Perth today, bright, sunny, warm, and a good day for a walk into and around Perth city before heading out on a 2 hour cruise on the swan river.


Brent in the Hay Street Mall (left)







Brent in London Court


Cruising the Swan River

Where cruise started from - Bell Tower on right





Swan River looking towards Perth city


Swan River - Riverside Drive






Swan Brewery - original home of WA's premier beer

That night after our cruise, we went to the Burswood Casino and took our photo before leaving.  It was good to sit and relax at the Casino, and listen to the entertainment, who was a solo singer formerly from New Zealand and a former player for the WA Rugby team.  

 The next day Brent and I  drove to my home in  Geraldton.  Next trip was for 3 days in Kalbarri, which has scenic gorges and later we went for a tour of the South West of Western Australia -  Webpage to follow shortly :)

Brent and Carol before going to the Casino







Brent and The Don - Memories of the Legendary Australian Cricketer


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