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Carol Gardiner of Perth, Western Australia
writes about herself and her family and friends,
and her trips taken around the world when she visited
 people she met online by using Internet Relay Chat.

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Hello ... This is me...

Carol Gardiner

 formerly Carol O'Brien & Carol Clarke

Picture taken 18 February 2008




Picture taken approximately February 1999

 (The above picture has been dedicated to Brent, for "that look")



This picture was taken January 2001


Picture taken 2003





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My World Trip 2000

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This Picture taken in Melbourne August 2003





2nd Marriage

I  married Brent Gardiner on 7th August 2004.

 I first met Brent  when we briefly talked in a trivia channel #gabriel on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in August 2002 and we became online friends in January 2003 by chatting daily whilst playing the online trivia questions game. 

Topic of conversation at the time was usually The World Cup Cricket, which was being played in South Africa with the Australian cricket team winning.

In April 2003 Brent flew from New Zealand to Western Australia to meet me and we became engaged in May 2003.  Brent flew back to NZ in August and then I visited him in December with my mother.  Brent showed us many scenic locations on the North Island for a week and then  Mum and I travelled the South Island and came back to Australia just before Christmas 2003.  

A few weeks later Brent flew back to Geraldton and re-proposed to me on Australia Day (26 January) and on Valentines Day we set our wedding date for 7 August 2004.

So, it all happened !  we got married :)

Click here to read more Brent & Carol's Wedding

We moved from Geraldton, to Mooloolaba, Queensland in March 2006 and opened BLUESURF INTERNET CAFE - read about our move to Queensland here then moved to Perth to be closer to family.


This picture taken on my wedding day (2nd Marriage ) 7th August 2004





My dear friend Dominik, from Germany, who got me started with this webpage. Dominik designed the Welcome to CarbonC's IRC Addiction heading
(which was the original website), Link buttons and assisted with the hyperlinks. Without his help this website wouldn't have been started.


To all the friends I have met as a result of internet connections, thanks for being a friend to me !

PLEASE NOTE: Some links are empty... such as, Kalbarri, Jokes and Games. you will just get the under construction sign if you click on them.. One day I will upload to them, but for now, all the other links should work fine.

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